Most Expensive Collection Of Vodkas

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Vodkas have always been a symbol of elegance and style in our societies. Mainly vodkas were known to be the drink for ladies but now things a quite different. Equalization is considered more in this modern world. Let’s keep this topic aside and let’s focus on vodkas. Well, if you’re a hardcore vodka lover then you must be knowing the differences in the quality of vodkas of a different brand. There are many awesome vodka brands that really tastes just amazing. Many people consider drinking vodka rather than wine. Wine is too a great drink but the nature of this drink is a bit different from vodka. People do consider drinking wine before having their dinner as wine allow them to eat completely.

On the hand, vodka is quite different as this drink is way much harder than wine. Wine is just for the taste but vodka is an actual drink that can even show you stars in the day time. The level of alcohol is quite higher in vodka in comparison with wine. Which is why people consider drinking vodka rather than wine.

There are many people who love to collect vodkas and still want to add more of them in their collection. Here we have a list some most expensive vodkas in the world. Well, these are the most precious vodka bottle that is not so easily available.


Belver Bears Belvedere Vodkas

It is the special edition vodka by one of the most popular vodka brands i.e., Belvedere. Well, this bottle of vodka is priced at $7,240 which makes it in the list of most expensive and precious vodkas in the world. This limited edition bottle of vodka is specially designed in the shape of a teddy bear and is completely shiny glass.

Russo-Baltique Vodka

Here it is the vodka that is on number four in this list and the name is Russo-Baltique. It is one of the oldest vodka brands in the world and this masterpiece is priced at $802,568. Well, it is quite a huge price for such a small bottle of vodkas.

Diva Premium Vodka

As said above that vodka is basically a woman drink but who cares about it now. The bottle of Diva Premium vodka is itself a precious ornament as the centre line of this bottle is made up of precious stones. This vodka is filtered with the sand of diamond, birch charcoal and a pure form of ice. This masterpiece cost at $1.0 Million.

Russo-Baltique Vodka — New Version

It the latest version of the Russo-Baltique that is on 4th number. The current price of this vodka is $1.3 Million which makes it the second most expensive vodka in the whole world.

Billionaire Vodka

This masterpiece is currently the most precious vodka on our planet as it is the most expensive one that cost at $3.75 Million. The maker says that this vodka is specially crafted & filtered thrice for smooth and optimal opulence. The bottle itself is covered with the diamonds. Billionaire vodka is the most expensive vodka in the whole world.

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