5 Simple Ways to Make Your Vape Juice Taste Better

Vape Juice

Vaping has gained popularity in recent years even though it has been around since 1927. Why wouldn’t it be? Vaping has saved millions of smokers’ lives by inhaling lesser toxic chemicals as compared to tobacco smoking. There are a few good reasons why tobacco smokers have made the switch and one of them is because the vape juice just tastes better!

Compared to smoking, the burnt tar or nicotine doesn’t only taste bad but it also smells bad. But vape users nowadays are in constant search of better vape juice flavors. One easy solution might be to try out different flavors but other than that, here are the other 5 simple ways to make your vape juice taste better.

1.  Change Your Coil and Clean Your Wicks and Tanks

When you’re overusing your wicks, it compromises the flavor after a couple of days – two days to be exact. Here’s an analogy to better understand how not cleaning your wicks, coils, and tanks can affect flavor. Try drinking beer from a glass and use the same glass to drink water afterward. Would water taste like water? Of course not, it’ll taste like beer. The same goes for your wicks, coils, and tanks. Although there’s no one-size-fits-all cleaning procedure because vape devices vary, below is a general guide in changing coils and cleaning tanks.

Steps in changing your vape coils:

•    First is to remove the tank from the vape device.

•    Throw out the remaining e-liquid.

•    Need to turn the coil to the left so it unscrews from the tank.

•    Screw the new coil in place.

•    Reattach the tank to the device.

Vape Juice Taste Better

Steps in cleaning your vape tanks:

•    Get a bowl and fill it with warm water.

•    Remove the tank from the device and discard the remaining e-liquid.

•    Disassemble your tank completely.

•    Place all tank parts in the bowl.

•    Wash all the parts until they’re all clean.

•    Use soap, if the tank is very dirty.

•    Pat each part dry using a paper towel.

•    Let it air dry for around 15 minutes.

•    Assemble and taste a better flavor!

2.  Steep Your Vape Juice

Like wine, your vape juice will also taste better when steeped. There are two ways to steep your vape juice. One is to store it in a dark and cool place while shaking the bottle every now and then. The second way is to open the juice cap from time to time to let out some air. It’s also extremely important to store your vape juice properly. Never leave it under direct heat and light as it degrades the flavor. 

3.  Cut Down the Airflow

A better flavor is achieved when vapor is denser and warmer. And when you have a big airflow, this lessens the density of the vapor. Although it’s extremely important to create the right airflow balance, it’s advisable to decrease the airflow to maximize flavor from your e-juice. But make sure it’s not too closed off as well as this might be too hot to inhale.

4.  Control Your Coil’s Temperature

Different temperatures also vaporize specific flavors at different levels. Try to adjust your settings perfectly just so your coil gets hot enough for the kind of flavor you want to achieve. It may be difficult to get the right balance at first but one way to do this is to lower your settings then increase them gradually until you’re satisfied with the flavor.

5.  Beat Vaper’s Tongue

A vaper’s tongue is when your palate is used to inhaling and exhaling the same e-juice flavor for days or weeks and can no longer taste its distinctive and savory flavor. The only way to go around this state is to buy a new flavor. Or you may also try to eat something which has a distinct taste then inhale again afterward.

If you want to continue reaping the benefits of vaping; making sure you get the best flavor from your vape juice is essential. Try these simple yet effective ways and you’ll never want to put that vape down – ever.

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Anthony Blair is an ardent blogger who loves to share innovative ideas on promoting mental and physical health. As an advocate of legalization, he writes about medical and recreational marijuana and its health benefits. He is currently working for the Green Society, one of the leading online dispensary in Canada, which offers the best quality locally-sourced cannabis from craft cannabis connoisseurs. 

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