7 Lifestyle Habits that Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

erectile dysfunction

The medical condition is the most frequent cause of ED, but at certain times there are causes are related to the lifestyle choices too. Although there are many of the specialized medical treatments which are available for treating this particular condition but even the changes in the lifestyle may also help. Poor diet, lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle increase the chances of impotence. The lifestyle changes either with or without medication like cholesterol-lowering drugs might improve the condition of ED and also helps in lowering the level of blood cholesterol.

Few of the lifestyle changes which reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction

Certain changes in the lifestyle are effective for improving the condition of ED. Few of the lifestyle changes which reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction include:

 Consume a healthy diet

Eating a poor diet has a detrimental effect on the energy level of a person. It also causes the clogging of the arteries, diabetes as well as the heart disease. There are various types of diseases that put a subsequent risk to erectile dysfunction. Consume diet which is heart healthy and improves the blood circulation all throughout the body of a person including the penis muscles. Just cut down on the fats, sugars and start eating more of the fruits and also vegetables to the diet. Achieving appropriate of the body weight also leads to the improvement in the erections.

Regular exercise

Research studies have indicated that exercising for about 30 minutes and five times in a week improve the health of a person inside and outside of the bedroom. Regular exercising also assists in the reduction of the level of stress and enhances energy levels. It causes an improvement in the blood circulation and also keeps the arteries and heart healthy.

Avoid alcohol

The use of alcohol especially chronic as well as the frequent of the drinking and also drug abuse worsens the condition of ED. It has been found that impotence is more prevalent among all those men who are more dependent on the ED. So, in case you are a drinker just cut down your level of intake or gives it up completely when you want to improve the sexual functioning.

Quit smoking

According to the research study, it has been found that men who drink cigarettes have a significantly higher risk of experiencing this particular syndrome in comparison to the non-smokers. The chemicals present in the smoke inhibit the proper functioning of nitric oxide in the body which is one of the quite crucial proponents for the relaxation of the muscle walls of blood vessels. All those people who quit smoking are more likely to show an improvement in the symptoms of Erectile dysfunction that those who continue it.

Tackle stress

The stress and anxiety in men can be one of the major contributors to erectile dysfunction. A few of the times the heavy workload or issues in everyday life can serve as the source of distraction and trigger the symptoms of ED. It also increases the susceptibility of the person towards high blood pressure and also various other health problems as well. If this feeling of stress and anxiety are severe enough for causing this particular issue then the person should take the advice of the doctor. Also not getting enough time for rest and not sufficiently recovering before actually going to work again leads to the exhaustion and makes it hard for men to achieve prolonged erections.

Avoid use of recreational drug

Consuming recreational drug is obviously quite a bad habit and you should not get into it when you are already well aware of the effects. Although the physical and psychological crashes may last typically for few of the days but the long term implications as well as the prospects of addiction are extremely dangerous and many people are fully aware of it.

Weight loss

When a person is overweight or obese, it has not only been linked to the myriad of chronic disease but evidence has indicated that it is also a contributory factor to the erectile dysfunction. There have been multiple research studies which have already examined various types of dietary interventions that especially focus on weight and it has been found that losing weight has led to an improvement in the erectile dysfunction in men who are obese. Specific of the weight loss interventions appear to result in the improvement of the erectile dysfunctioning and men were actually given the advice on the incorporation of diet for improving this condition of impotence.

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