What Alcohol should you Gift and When?

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Gifting a bottle of alcohol is a very classy and generous thing to do. However, if we know which spirit is the best for what kind of spirit, gifting would become a lot easier. Here’s a quick cheat sheet that will help you get the best idea on when to gift what.

To the Boss

Let us begin with the guy who gives us money. The boss. Gifting anything of the boss seems like an ominous task. When you give something to the boss, it is usually not just about celebrating his or her event but also building your own impression. If you are wondering whether there are any rules, well, stay classy, and definitely, don’t think about getting something cheap.

It will show who you are, and how much you value him or her. Ensure that whatever you give is not something that can be drained in a single day like a wine or beer, instead opt for something that is sipped on occasionally to ensure that your boss remembers your generosity every time he opens the bottle.

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Fortified wines like Madeira and port are excellent choices just like scotch, cognac, bourbon and Armagnac. These will all be in the first-class range, but that’s the cost you invest for a good impression.

Weddings or Anniversaries

The whole point of celebrating something on a large scale is because it is rare. No one spends a fortune every day. If the occasion is, well, occasional, that is when it makes spending a bomb. The gift you present here ought to mirror that specialness; therefore, you’re going finest price point or kaput. But the best thing is, you aren’t going to spend on such things too often, so, it’s cool right!

Vintage sparkling wine is the gold standard. If not that, any kind of fortified wine should also do the trick. If you really want to blow the socks off of the beneficiary, try to look for a spirit that matches (either in a number of years or numerically) the years relevant to the celebration.

Don’t just stop at the bottle itself. Make sure that you ensure that the packaging is just as well. Please put a little heart and soul into the packing because you have to show how much you care about this special event and how much the people involved matter to you.

Dinner Invite or a housewarming event

The most important thing when you take a bottle of alcohol to a party is that you know the reason why you are doing it. Following are the two things that come to mind:

1) You’re typically gifting for the hosts and you don’t have to cater for the other guests

2) It’s entirely plausible that what you get will get over the same day. The best, in this case, is a crate of beer or a decent quality non-vintage wine.

You have some room to keep the budget in your head here because it is a single time consumable. But when we say budget we still mean very good quality because people will know you got it for them. You don’t want to look cheap, do you!

Non-vintage sparkling wines like cava and prosecco, sweeter wines like Moscato are fantastic examples of the right mid-range alcohol for this occasion. Among other really nice options are white, rosé, and red wines from Australia or from South America. Don’t be too superfluous when it comes to packaging. In all probabilities, this gift is going to be popped open real soon. So don’t spend a lot on getting it looking pretty.

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Regardless of what the event is, personal gifts are the best way to go. It will even be fine if you use an alcohol delivery app to get the bottle delivered if there is a story attached to it. Is it a personal favorite? Is there a backstory from your childhood? Do you know a secret that links some booze to the event, well, then forget about all the other rules and just go for it!

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