American States Where Marijuana Is Completely Banned

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WEED- some of the community does not understand the thin line between the medical treatment and the drug completely different. Based on the count, 21 states do not have cannabis laws, 17 states have some lows that people who live in states. they have to follow. Here, marijuana is signed as the CBD and low of the THC bills republican strongholds. These four states offer no adjustment regarding the CBD, Cannabis products.

Let’s explore the four states that let down on any other products of the CBD, marijuana



Cannabis in Idaho is totally illegal for any other reason. Not having any legalized from any CBD Or THC. The State of US has the chance to set the medical marijuana for the ballot. The Mexican workers of the field facing the problem of smoking in cigarettes or marijuana. So, the use of narcotics.  Smoking is quite usual the Oregon short line.

South Dakota

The Medical initiative was not on the ballot. The legalized marijuana for the medical purpose. the patients would able to get the marijuana for some debilitation condition under the treatment.

The health department of the South Dakota responsible for regulating medical marijuana. based on the report on April 2018, the state announced that not sufficient to the signatures for the initiative valid and that failed to qualify for the ballot. In Debilitation treatment including cancer, Glaucoma, HIV, AIDS, and many others.


In Nebraska, there are two cannabis measures found in November. Marijuana permit initiative would allow the dominion or more of cannabis. The signature of 7 % of the state voters wants to get on the ballot. at that time, starting time legalize marijuana with the handwritten recommendations of any doctor or physicians. They require to start the legalization of marijuana is 10% of voters in order to make into on the November.


Nowadays, there is no much time to recollection to sign the medical cannabis initiative. Kansas is one of the dozen US states that attempt the initial step and election process. Other words, any doctor or physicians  overwhelmingly inside of yours being able to prescribe any marijuana treatment… which is required in the case of any health issue. it’s up to the state chamber. In short, CBD looks to remain illegal for some time in Kansas.

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