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Bananas are one of the most popular fruits around the world. It’s very healthy and delicious.

Bananas contain different nutrition, which is suitable for heart diseases and burning fat. It’s also good for cancer and asthma. Do you know Americans eat bananas more than apple?

The lover of bananas increasing day by day. So people can ask a simple question…Is banana good for you? This article will tell you the story about why it’s good for your health.

Top 6 Health Benefits of Bananas

Bananas Contain Important Nutrient

Bananas are rich in nutrients. It’s common and the most popular fruits around the world. What makes it so popular?

Bananas contain a rich amount of fiber, nutrition, and antioxidant. A banana contains Magnesium 8%, Copper 10%, fiber 3 gram, Vitamin C 11%, Potassium 9%.

Bananas have no fat, which is suitable for the diet. Bananas have 105 Calories. I hope this is enough to tell you why bananas are so popular around the world.

Good for Heart Health

Expert says high fiber means good heart. According to a study in the UK, due to having high fiber in bananas, it lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease.

Potassium is also good for heart health. It’s lower the blood pressure. Do you know one small size of bananas contains 9% of RDI? When people eat the fear amount of potassium, it lowers the risk of heart diseases.

Bananas support a Good Mood

A good mood is imperative in our daily life. People do many things for a good mood. Some people go to the spa message center for relaxation and improve the excellent mood. You can read sunshinefloat reviews to know about relaxation.

Bananas have 9% of B9. This B9 helps to fight with depression and makes your mood better. A study shows that, if people are suffering from depression, their blood floated level is lower than 25% than healthy people. 

Bananas Reduce Kidney Problem

Potassium is good for the blood pressure and for the kidney. Banana is an excellent source of diet. So Banana will help you to maintain a healthy kidney.

A study shows us who eat 3-4 bananas in a week they are less suffer from kidney problem. So if you eat bananas several time in a week, it will help to maintain a healthy kidney function.

Lower the Blood Pressure

We all know that salt is the common enemy to high blood pressure. Bananas contain lower salt and high potassium. Which is lower the blood pressure. You can add this to your diet programme to maintain proper blood pressure. But before that, don’t forget to consult with a doctor.

Bananas are Easy to Add your Diet

Bananas are not only healthy but also its the most popular snacks food around the world.

You can use Bananas to your Yoghurt, smoothies and juice. Some people are also using it as a cube of sugar to their food. You can carry bananas easily and eat it whenever you want. You can add bananas to your breakfast.

Bananas are famous, and it has essential health benefits. You can eat bananas regularly to control your weight, heart health, proper immune system and many more things. If you eat healthily, you can live healthily.

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