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‘Cigarette smoking is injurious to health’, everyone has seen this tagline on the cover of a cigarette packet. But despite the negative effects the consumption of cigarette has for its consumers, the business of the same is quite lucrative.

As per the reports of the Maurer Foundation, the industry profits are estimated at almost 35 million US Dollars which means everyday people buy a cigarette in the same manner as they purchase aerated drinks or their meals, etc.

So, the question goes, who are the main consumers of a cigarette? The main consumers of a cigarette are mostly men between the ages of 18 to 64 who may have had a rough relationship with their partner or had issues related to job security or having a low income.

This in turn makes it a stress buster for those who are depressed despite the health effects that are negative, to say the least and makes those having a cigarette business make lucrative profits for themselves.

So, let us examine the top 5 cigarette brands for 2019 that have made a mark among consumers and have helped the business earn good profits and revenues for themselves.

5 Best Cigarette Brands of 2019


Karelia is one of the oldest cigarette brands founded in Greece in the year1888. It exports it products to over 65 countries all over the world. Some of its notable products include Karelia Slim, Karelia Cream, Karelia Blue, Karelia One Superslims and George Karelias and Sons.


Kent is a popular American brand for cigarettes that had its origins in the year 1952. It is famed for its unique taste as well as filter.


Marlboro is another popular cigarette brand that came into origin in the year 1924 and since then has made its name as one of the most popular brands among consumers living all over the world. Some of its notable products include Marlboro Red and Marlboro Lights. The brand is famed for its rich taste of tobacco as well as unique burn.


Davidoff is a popular cigarette brand of Switzerland known for its right balance of smoothness as well as the taste of tobacco. Some of its notable products include Davidoff Gold and Davidoff Classic.


Parliament is a popular name among cigarette consumers. It is known for its usage of recessed filter paper which allows cigarette consumers to get a taste of tobacco along with a smooth texture. Some of its notable products include Night Blue, Aqua Blue and Silver Blue.

So, it goes without saying that as long as cigarette consumers will be present, the sale of the same will continue to grow not considering the negative effects associated with the same as a partial escapade into a world of relaxation is what human beings desire today.

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