Best eye hospital you can get in India

eye hospitals

Why do we need to do an eye treatment?

Eye is the most important part in human body. Many people will be having different diseases that can cause a problem in their vision, so it is very important to find out which problem you are facing and to treat them. When you face any type of vision problem then you must consult a doctor as soon as possible and get treatment. The same way a person takes care of health, the person should take care of eyes also.

The main causes you can see in eyes are Eyestrain, Red eyes, Lazy eye, Cross-eyes, Colorblindness, Uveitis, Floaters, Dry eyes, Excess tearing,   Cataracts, Glaucoma, Retinal disorders, Conjunctivitis, Corneal diseases,      Eyelid problems, Vision changes, Contact lens problem

Many will be having eye problem. From small children to aged one are having eye problem. Few problems that cause eye problem can be treated in home but few need specialists. For eye problem treatment should be doe at proper time by consulting a doctor. The doctor will check which type of problem you are having by seeing the symptoms and will help to clear it. In India we have many specialized hospitals only for eye hospital. The best eye hospitals in India are given below

The best eyes hospitals in India

1. Bharati eye hospital

Location – New Delhi

Established Year – 1985

Specialty- single specialty

About the hospital is one of the best rated hospital in India. It provides the best eye care treatment, the main treatments given are

·         Femto laser contract surgery

·         Lasik surgery

·         Cornea transplant

·         Tetina surgery

·         Glaucoma treatment

·         Squient and pediatric ophthalmology treatment

First lasik in Delhi’s was done by the head of the hospital Dr Barathi. He was the best doctor n the field of refractive surgery and phaco- emulsification.The hospital is having a 10 specialist doctors in ophthalmologists. The doctors are

–          Dr Neha Bharathi – ophthalmologists and has 9 year of experience

–          Dr Bhupesh Singh – Cornea specialist and has 10 year of experience

–          Dr Bhuvan Chandra – ophthalmologists and has 13 year of experience

–          Dr Dharitri samantaray – ophthalmologists and has 24 year of experience

–          Dr Saurabh Varshey- ophthalmologists and has 12 year of experience

–          Dr Sudhir Bhatia – ophthalmologists and has 27 year of experience

2. Shroff eye hospital

Location -Mumbai

Established – 1919

Hospital is established in 1919 and it is having an experience of 99 years.It was the first hospital in India for wave light Concerto 500 Hz LAZIK center. Dr Ashok was the main head eye surgeon in the hospital and was the specialist in cataract and medical retinal conditions. Dr Askok was honored with the national awards, “Padma Shree”, fourth highest civilian award India.The main doctor in the hospital are

D Anand Shroff- ophthalmologists and has 17 year of experience

3. Eye Q Hospital

Location- Haryana

Established -2007

About the hospital

In Eye Q hospital you will be getting 17 services. The services provided are Contaract service, Contact lens service, Lasik laser surgery, Refractive service, Retina treatment service, Glaucoma treatment service, Mediclaim cashless service oculoplasty service, Optical service, Pediatric service, Refractive service, Retina treatment service, Basic eye care, Child eye care, Comprehensive eye care, Diabetes eye care, General eye care, Eye care tips, Women eye care,

Dr Ajay Sharma- Glaucoma and has 10 years’ experience

Dr Suwan Chetan- Oculoplast and has 10 years of experience

Dr Deependra V Singh-Vtreoretinal surgery and has 16 years of experience

4. Sankara Nethralaya

Location -Chennai

Established – 1978

The hospital was the first hospital to implement electronic medical records. In this hospital, around 1200 patients are visiting and 100 surgeries are done in every day. The hospital has the service in other places in India they are in Chennai, Rameswaram, Tirupati and Kolkata. In this hospital, they provide Jaslok Community Ophthalmic Centre for economic weaker section.

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