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The health care industry world over is changing tremendously.

With more and efficient research done in its practices, medicines and treatments, the whole industry is changing for the better. Digital application, along with many technological devices enables easy and quick detection of any medical ailment.

Not only is this, but even devices and machines also used to conduct operations and surgeries, not doctors. 

The technological advancement has paved the way for immense improved healthcare services like under:

Wholesome approach

This holistic approach is taking care of every organ of the person.

In this, different doctors from different studies take care of every health aspect of the patient and treat them better.

Like if a person has a headache, then his digestive system is also given a health check-up. It also has the existence of any symptoms for cold or not.

The connection between each is reasoned out, and medications are prepared to treat them all together. 

Patient data analytics

The manner of recording, maintaining patient data has become digital and cloud-based.

Internet, along with analytics of artificial intelligence plus blockchain technology, enables hospitals to record patient data, breach free.

Login ID and password system along with a centralized or decentralized digital dashboard ensure that no unauthorized person gains access or use any such information.


Robotics automation goes a long way in helping people across the world with the most challenging and complex problems.

In the healthcare industry, robotics is used to conduct surgeries with meticulous precision and nil errors.

Such operations do not only take very little time, but the recovery rate of patients is also very less.

Further, robots are used to give medicines to patients on time, provide reminders and help them do exercises.

As time passes, more development in this front is expected. 


The wearables of smartwatches connected to apps are also aiding the functions of physicians.

The recordings in the smartwatches can be used to inform the doctor about the real-time health condition and treated as per.

Checking one’s blood sugar and blood pressure now no longer requires people to visit doctors clinic, but right at their home only. 

Precision Medicine

Precision medicine is based on gene studies of a person.

In this, along with diagnosing the genes of a person, his environment and lifestyle is also analyzed to create medications.

Conducting elaborate studies on a person’s gene can disclose what they lack, the reason for the ailment and treatment/cures.

Personalized and curated, this precision medicine making will make the task of treatments easy and cost-effective.

At the onset of the ailment itself, the symptoms are treated, which reduces unnecessary hospitalizations and treatment expenditures. 


Telehealth is the new age treatment of a person’s ailment through technological convenience.

Many devices help in locational and time advantage in terms of a person visiting the doctor for treatment.

These days, the online presence of doctors via conferencing and video callings apps helps in gaining timely treatments.

Just having a good Internet connection and a device or even a Smartphone can leave off all your ailment blues.

Alternatively, the relative of the person can state the symptoms to the doctor via telephone only and get treated well.

That is how technology has advanced in healthcare. 

3D printing for organ making

Also termed as bioprinting, this technology is used to create prototypes of the human body organs.

Used for making transplants but with the far less costing proposition.

Many scientists and medical experts have already created blood vessels, synthetic ovaries and pancreas.

Human organs are no longer needed as their prototype versions will perfectly fit the patient’s need, especially for organ failure problems. 

Smart inhalers 

The life of asthma attacked people has become comfortable and relieving with smart inhalers.

These are SMA Devices embedded with Bluetooth’s for tracking crucial latent information.

Every time the patient uses this inhaler, information regarding the date and time as well as its dosage is recorded for ease in redressed.

Wristbands for preventing heart failure

Based on sensory technology, wristbands, necklaces, and even watches are available to be worn by patients.

This regulates the blood flow to the heart of a person and sends crucial—information for immediate action.

Remote monitoring

Just like pacemakers, remote monitory and warrants no need for frequent doctors visits. 

The patient can get healed and cured right at his residence, especially for minor health ailments. 

Many devices to check the blood pressure rate, weight, etc., are available but with far more technological updated formats.

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