Top 10 Best Selling Hookah flavours: You Should Never Miss

best selling hookah flavours

There are tons of tobacco hookah flavours in the market out of which only a certain amount of the hookah flavours sell the best. After reviewing dozens of sales reports, we have listed some of the best selling hookah flavours.

However, some of the major hookah flavours listed here would not surprise you but some would rather. These flavours are a phenomenon of their own. In case, you are a beginner and do not have hookah or shisha for sessions, look for hookahs for sale and get started!

List of Top 10 Best Selling Hookah flavours

#1 Al-Fakher Mint

#2 Starbuzz Blue Mist

#3 Starbuzz Queen of Sex

#4 Khalil Mamoon Mango

#5 Fumari White Gummi Bear

#6 Fantasia Orange Sherbet

#7 Overdozz Wild Night Out

#8 Adalya Love 66

#9 Tangiers Cane Mint

#10 Trifecta Deja Dew

Al-Fakher Mint

Are you an old schoolboy who wants all mint and no other flavours? Then, I am sure you must be aware of everyone’s favourite and one of the finest signature flavours of Al-Fakher – Mint. There are dozens of strong and cooler mint flavours from other brands but you would never find anything as perfect as Al-Fakher Mint. This flavour can be mixed with almost all types of flavours even with other brands to create a buzz at any time. This makes it the most popular and best-selling hookah tobacco of all time! 

With its all mint flavour and no background flavours, you would always end up smoking a clean and cold rainy smoke of mint. You can smoke this flavour all seasons and never get bored of it any time. 

You can pack your shisha well and always make a dense smoke. If you pack your shisha well, it can run for nearly two hours and you would be excited for every drag you take. You can add a pinch of any lime flavours and always have a refreshing session.

Starbuzz Blue Mist

Who doesn’t like the aroma of sipping blueberry and mint mixed mocktails on the beach? Starbuzz Blue Mist is one of a kind that serves an immense pleasure of blueberry and mint that caters for a cooling effect similar to sipping mocktails in summer. 

The mint taste does not come in the smoke but creates a cooling and tingling sensation after it. It leaves a clean and cold flavour much like icy water. This makes it a relaxing session while smoking Starbuzz Blue Mist hookah tobacco. Concerning the health issues, it contains 0.5% nicotine and 0% tar and is made from brown tobacco Caribbean leaves. 

If you are a beginner, you wouldn’t have to worry much about packing your shisha. It will still work best if your shisha has a little dry texture. Just fluff your hookah, use good quality coal, still try to pack it nice and you can enjoy a 1 – 1 and half hour session. If you do the packing clean and use good quality coal, you can always end up taking the session further up to two hours. 

Starbuzz Queen of Sex

Starbuzz never disappoints its customers and always hunts for uniqueness in its every flavour. Something that would distract you from its name would be the authentic taste of sweet mint with a hint of lime. Starbuzz’s Queen of Sex carries both these refreshing elements in one that makes the session an ideal for summer. 

Starbuzz Queen of Sex is all-natural hookah tobacco and contains no dyes and no preservatives. Similar to its Blue Mist flavour, Queen of Sex also contains 0.5% nicotine and 0% tar, having a safe smoking session for long. You can significantly create a gentle buzz by mixing it with the Blue Mist flavour and any orange flavour. This will also give you a tingly flavour.

Starbuzz Queen of Sex gives a cluster of smoke which would definitely make you think to change its name to Queen of Clouds. The average smoking session continues for one and a half hours. However, you can extend your long and refreshing smoking experience if you get an Egyptian bowl and pack your hookah light. 

Khalil Mamoon Mango

Think of a mouth full of the yummiest of yummy mangoes with just a mild buzz. Mango hookah tobacco is the finest of all Khalil Mamoon’s flavours which delivers the best without the slightest compromise. However, it would still be very hard to compare with its other flavours! 

The Khalil Mamoon Mango flavour contains only fruity orange mangoes with no other background flavours making it perfect for people who prefer fruity flavours. However, you can always add a pinch of mint or spiced flavours at the top to give it a refreshing and tingly sensation. 

If you have a quite good shisha, make a properly packed bowl and you will always end up feeling out of this world. If your shisha is properly packed, it will give a light smoke which will be ideal for light smokers and first-timers. 

Fumari White Gummi Bear

The Fumari White Gummi Bear is one of the signature flavours of Fumari (meaning Fume + Ari = Bringer of Rain in Arabic). The Fumari Gummi Bear has a rich and tangent pleasant taste and is considered ideal for beginners and always a go-to flavour for everyone. 

It carries a powerful blend of pineapple and citrus while also being not so sweet on the tooth. Smoking a Fumari White Gummi Bear may give you a taste of a mouth full of passion fruit, pineapple, orange and lots of gummi bear candies. You can mix it considerably with other fruit flavours like peach to add a new taste or add a pinch of mint to give an overwhelming taste. In other cases, try mixing some Ambrosia to get your new high. 

The smoke of the flavour will be dense if you pack your hookah well. The Fumari Gummi Bear is always pleasant and gives pleasure similar to sitting in a shisha lounge and smoking a long session of your favourite flavour. 

Fantasia Orange Sherbet

Fantasia Orange Sherbet is one of the best selling hookah tobacco made with rich Virginia tobacco. This would sound perfect for the ones who prefer fruity flavours above anything else. This would also be preferable for first-timers who want all fruity flavours and dense smoke and clouds.

Smoking to it is similar to eating freshly peeled oranges with a cool feeling of ice cream. It tastes all oranges without any quality compromise and background tastes. Collectively, you can mix it well with different other flavours like mint and add a buzz to your senses. 

Fantasia Orange Sherbet creates dense smoke and clouds when packed well. Try Egyptian hookah which will add stars to your smoking sessions by running for almost two hours.

Overdozz Wild Night Out

Overdozz Wild Night Out is a perfect example of fine Virginia tobacco leaves mixed incredibly with spectacular flavours. Wild Night Out may awake you from its lemon cheesecake flavour with notes of Graham Crackers. This next-gen flavour would definitely make you question whether you should smoke it or eat it. 

During the smoking sessions, the flavours and notes of Wild Night Out significantly change. You will taste yummy cheesecake when you inhale the smoke and get a few notes of sweet lemon when you exhale. This will surely give you a thundering smoking experience. 

Overdozz Wild Night Out produces thick and dense clouds similar to Fumari. Proper heat management can run the shisha for approximately one to two hours. However, some people may mistake changing of flavours as burning of the tobacco but remember that its flavour is eventually evolving to its best during the course. Give this masterpiece time to evolve!

Adalya Love 66

Adalya Love 66 stands first when it comes to the most popular Adalya flavours. This hookah flavour has a rich tropical taste containing passion fruit, watermelon, honeydew melon and mint. From beginner to veteran, everyone wants to have one sweet and fruity flavour in their collection such as Adalya Love 66.

Adalya Love 66 leaves the coolness of menthol when you exhale the smoke and feel the aftertaste of passion fruit later. Love 66 is crushed moderately thick and dyed in red. It becomes a magical flavour when added with other fruit flavours like orange, double apple and strawberry. However, it is a great stand-alone flavour that can beat any mixture alone. 

Adalya Love 66 produces dense smoke and creamy clouds. You can always add up to its thickness by using coconut coal and a proper hookah setup. It is always advised to keep your windows open for this flavour. 

Tangiers Cane Mint

Imagine Al-Fakher Mint and Tangiers Cane Mint both available to add to your existing flavour. What would you choose? Exactly, there would be huge discontent in choosing one of them. Tangiers Cane Mint competes on a large scale with Al-Fakher Mint but also has a little taste differentiation that many people prefer.

Tangiers Cane Mint contains the peppermint flavour that gives a tingly sensation in the throat and chest when inhaled. The taste remains the same after every drag you inhale of Cane Mint. You can smoke it by itself or add a fruity flavour. Try to consider tobacco that does not leave a cooling effect because Cane Mint charges any flavour and complementarity gives the everlasting cooling effect.

Cane Mint does not produce dense clouds but light. However, the taste is delightful and you would not wonder why its clouds are light. When you pack your bowl well and use coconut coals, your session will probably last one and a half hours. If you add another tobacco flavour with cane mint, it will probably last two hours.

Trifecta Deja Dew

Though Trifecta is an upcoming competitor in producing tobacco flavours, Deja Dew is giving tough competition in terms of best-selling tobacco flavours. It is made for veterans who love to have notes of tobacco in their sessions. Deja Dew is made from dark tobacco leaves to give a little strong taste of tobacco which beginners would considerably not look for.

Deja Dew carries a sweet and sugary aroma containing a proper mix of lime and lemon flavours. It caters for a taste more like a popular soft drink Mountain Dew. This can satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth and the urge to always keep one can of it in their collection. You can mix it with a pinch of mint and get an everlasting cooling sensation.

The session of this flavour can last up to 40 minutes to an hour and if used with coconut coal, it can do wonders. The clouds produced by it will neither be short of smoke nor it will be dense, it will just be finely moderate. 


The most popular and best-selling hookah flavours listed here are based on the sales report of these brands. You can always get the best hookahs for sale that suit your needs and can be packed well. Try to use quality coals like coconut coal which can help you to produce dense and creamy clouds and extend the session time.