Best Weed Strains That Enhances Activity

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Mention cannabis and most people will think of its stress-relieving and sedative qualities. However, weed can also be used to stimulate the mind and enhance productivity. Marijuana and THC affect different people differently. For instance, first-time users may feel sedated and “stoney” making them believe in its relaxing attributes.

On the contrary, seasoned cannabis enthusiasts will advise on using different strains to suit different situations. Well, as you head to buy weed online,

Consider the following fantastic hybrid and weed strains that promote creativity, activity, and adventure.

The Green Crack

This is probably one of the most popular weed strains to hit the market. Enthusiasts commonly use this strain to overcome fatigue owing to its ability to energize the human mind and increase focus. The strain’s tropical aroma coupled with flavor makes them perfect for daytime sessions. It has a powerful ability to motivate and uplift the brain without associated brain-fog effects that accompany other cannabis strains.

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This is another strain cannabis distributors California can’t miss in their distribution list. It is a powerful strain that can knock your butt off when taken in high doses. However, when taken in moderate or average doses, it brings about happy, uplifting effects. To gauge its activity level, remember that it got its name from the slight pressure users report in front of their head – as if they had a headband around the head.

Tangie Weed

The Tangie is known for its fresh, fruity and pleasant aroma. It is another popular strain, commonly identified by the powerful tangerine aroma it has. Using this is a recipe for a heavy happiness dose coupled with overly uplifting energy. It is a good choice for those looking for some childlike sense of curiosity and wonder while exposing the sunny outdoor afternoons.


As the name suggests, you won’t have any regrets choosing this strain. Starting your seemingly boring day with a joint of Grapefruit smoke not only gives you an energetic but also invigorating degree of highness that eliminates the morning stresses. This sativa combines some rich bouquet of sweet and citrusy grapefruit. The strain picks you up at your low and leaves you in a comfortable state of euphoria throughout the day.

Lemon Haze

Judging from its name, they have a fresh citrusy taste like freshly ripened lemons. This taste alone not only uplifts and energizes enthusiasts but also amplifies the feeling the entire day.


If you prefer something complicated made from hemp flowers, consider the Chocolope with a deep, rich and complicated flavor profile. It has hints of chocolate and coffee. Pairing this strain with your early morning coffee or meal is perhaps a good idea. This Sativa strand is heavily cerebral, giving users a euphoric feeling.

Pineapple Express

From its name, the pineapple express is an amazing breed resulting from Hawaiian strains and the Trainwreck. Its flavor has some notes of pine, mango, and pineapple. It is a hard-hitting strain whose effects last longer and motivate exceptionally.

Durban Poison

Originally from South Africa, Durban Poison took the world by storm, gaining immense attention due to its energizing and uplifting effects. This should be your go-to strain if you intend to go for a hike or a gateway to reenergize and refocus the mind.

Purple Diesel

This hybrid strain combines the classic effects of Sativa and the pain-relieving effects of indica. The strain’s buds have a vibrant purple shade tasting like sweet diesel. It offers users a heavy high that uplifts rejuvenate and motivates the mind. It is the best choice for medical users combating pain and can be found easily at the medical marijuana store in California.

Love Portion

This one goes without saying. Lovebirds will surely go head over heels with that the G13, and Columbian strains yielded. It is a Sativa strain rumored to promote a healthy sex drive. Besides, its lemon aroma will help relieve stress, promote creativity and lift your spirits.

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