Cope up with your body changes during pregnancy

body changes during pregnancy

Pregnancy and birthing can be a beautiful time for a woman. But along with the pregnancy symptoms, your body can go through a lot of different changes within those 9 special months of your life. This is the time where you overcome the challenges and accept yourself the way you are.

The starting point of this is learning to love yourself, and your body but here are a few steps on how to cope up with the way your body changes during pregnancy.

1) Embracing the miracle in you

The miracle of birth is indeed a marvellous feeling inside of you. Remember that for it to happen your body must expand to make a way for a growing baby or making a safe home for the life inside of you. No matter what size you are, it will be hard to accept the bloating and the expanding waistline but chin up! And embrace the miracle of life inside of you.

Everybody’s body is unique in a way, you maybe 15 weeks pregnant and not have a visible baby bump at all! Hold on tight, and remember that this is all part of the process and you can get through this.

2) Focus on your health

Have a good stress free routine, make appointments with your dietician to know what’s good for your health and have a suitable exercise routine to help your mind and your soul.

Light exercises such as walking, hiking, and swimming can help improve your mood and body image. Additionally, it is a great way to develop healthy habits post-pregnancy. Prenatal yoga can also be one of the options during pregnancy as it also helps to relieve stress and anxiety. Consult a best gynecology doctor before starting a workout routine during pregnancy. 

Remember that every woman is unique and different. Even if you eat right or exercise during pregnancy, you may still put on more weight than you would like to. Do not ever compare yourself to your pre-pregnancy state. Your body is going through change, embrace it and accept it!

body changes during pregnancy

3) Love yourself

Loving yourself might seem hard even if you are not pregnant, but right now is the time that you need it the most. Learn to love the way you are right now, and your baby inside of you. Splurge on some maternity clothes and sport them beautifully. Spend your time doing things you love, get a haircut, a manicure or anything that you think will make you feel pregnant and beautiful because whether or not you accept it, you deserve to feel that way.

Radiate the pregnant glow on your face, and love yourself all you can 

4) Talk, talk and talk to someone you trust

It can be a tough time being the only one pregnant, but if you are worried about your body, talk to your loved ones or your friends and stay away from critical people. Parent Support Group meets also prove beneficial in meeting other mothers who feel just the way you do.

Talking to your baby helps you to realise what you are going through now, and gives you the confidence to get through it. And when sometimes things get worse, it is always advisable to get the health of a medical professional who can help you through this

5) Learn as much as you can 

The whole experience can be unnerving, but educating yourself on what you are going through and what you will go through will help you feel a little bit more control of yourself. It gives you the confidence that you deserve to get through this!

In conclusion, pregnancy can be a little scary but wonderful period of time in the life of a woman. It does have its ups and downs, but focusing on what’s more important (you and your baby) is what helps you get through it. Forget your body changes, embrace those curves and flaunt them out because for you, are a strong mother-to-be! Remember that you are bringing life, a full human being into this world and only you have the power to do that. 

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