Boost Immunity With Medical Cannabis to Fight The Coronavirus

fight the coronavirus

By now, everyone knows the world is going through a major health crisis. As the COVID-19 continues to spread, the governments, businesses, and individuals are forced to take unprecedented measures. Besides social distancing, washing hands, and sanitizing the house, it is also quite essential to boost your immune system. You may even look to consult cannabis doctors in fontana for professional advice. 

For centuries, cannabis has been consumed for nutritional and health purposes. Evidence suggests several ancient civilizations have included marijuana in their pharmacopoeia. Fast forward to the 21st century, scientists and researchers are trying to understand the molecular make of cannabis. Considering what immunity means in the times of today and for the future of health, it has naturally become a preoccupation of study for scientists. Some recent studies have indicated that the phytocannabinoids found in cannabis plants have therapeutic benefits and are good for the immune system of humans. 

In this write up, we will essentially understand how medical cannabis can help you boost immunity in the wake of the coronavirus pandemonium. 

How is Medical Marijuana Helpful in Boosting Immunity Against Coronavirus Attack?

If you are struggling to understand what the immune system is and what purpose it serves, let me tell you it’s a system that helps protect your body against any foreign invader that may cause any harm. As per the leading immunologists, the only way to ensure safety is by minimizing the exposure. But, since one can never guarantee that, the next possible way is to build a healthy immune system that can fight against this deadly virus. And medical marijuana can definitely help you with that. 

Boosting immunity does not always mean spiking the levels of immune cells under attack. It sometimes also implies reducing the intrusion of immune response when the body has an overactive immune system. So, according to this concept, the sole purpose of cannabis is to help maintain your system’s homeostasis. And that too both at the physical and the mental front. 

Imagine this. You have a debilitating health condition. How will you feel? Obviously, you will be stressed, and you will cower in fear. And eventually, that will start affecting your sleep and your immunity to fight other infections. That’s how coronavirus is disrupting the lives of billions of individuals across the world. So, besides social distancing, what do you need? you need something that helps with your neurological condition. And medical marijuana does exactly that. In other words, marijuana keeps your mental health, and by doing so, it helps to protect your immune system. As we all know, stress and anxiety have a negative impact on the immune system.

Medical Marijuana And Immunity- An Indirect Response

As we mentioned before, stress significantly affects the functioning of the immune system. Even a lot of studies indicate that mental health patients have increased stress hormone levels that make them vulnerable to infections. So, chances are that a person with a mental condition will be infected more easily and even the infection would also last longer. And not only that, in such patients, wounds also take longer to heal. Hence, scientists and doctors feel that stress management is key to the fight against infections and germs. Although the link is still unclear, researchers believe that the brain is directly linked to stress hormones. And that is believed to have a variety of effects on both the nervous and immune systems. 

So, when you ingest marijuana, it will stimulate your endocannabinoid system and speed up the process of combating stress, anxiety, and depressive thoughts. Studies confirm that cannabis reduces the breakdown of anandamide (a natural endocannabinoid). And thereby, helps the body to experience calmness and relaxation. This automatically enables you to get a sound sleep, which is yet another critical factor in boosting your immunity. 

Some people stay weary of cannabis as they  fear the “high,” if you are one of them, try using raw cannabis. Experts believe that it is a powerhouse of minerals, vitamins, fibers, and antioxidants. In addition to that, you also get digestible globular proteins and a balanced portion of essential amino acids along with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. In a nutshell, by choosing cannabis, you can ensure your overall health while boosting your immune system. 

Isn’t that what you are looking for in most of the available health supplements? 

Medical Marijuana And Immunity- A Direct Response

Inflammation may have a bad reputation but, it is equally critical for the survival of living beings. Inflammation is essential in preventing the spread of infection. However, when the response goes awry, it begins to attack its own body causing chronic inflammation. And that could result in a variety of health conditions, and in severe cases, it could be fatal too. 

So, how does cannabis fit into the picture when the need might be different in every individual?

Medical marijuana is directly helpful in bringing the immune system back to its original status, i.e., homeostasis. Surprisingly enough, cannabis has a unique biphasic remedy that helps the system to attain its balance. In simple words, marijuana helps strengthen or suppress the immune system, depending on the individual’s bodily requirements. For instance, when it comes to immune suppression, studies have found that cannabis can definitely suppress the immune system. It does that by decreasing inflammation (that is a natural response to infection). And that’s possible because cannabis has powerful anti-inflammatory potential. So, it can be helpful in patients who have higher levels of inflammation.

Imagine, if you already have a highly active immune response, things might get a bit dicey if you get infected with the coronavirus. The reason being, COVID-19 causes inflammation in the respiratory tract. Contrary to that, if your system is already immunocompromised, when infected with the virus, your body can’t handle the stress since it won’t be able to trigger an adequate immune response. 

So, cannabis will help you by acting as an immunomodulator to keep your body in a state of homeostasis at all times. That precisely should be the primary motive of using cannabis during the epidemic. 

But, let me remind you again: Cannabis won’t kill the coronavirus. It will only help you manage your current health conditions by acting as a natural health supplement. It will introduce different molecules in your body that will help you stay healthy, and focused.  

Final Thoughts 

Research proves that medical marijuana could be an excellent option when used in adjunct with current treatment therapy. The cannabinoids present in cannabis have shown to induce pain-relieving, sleep-inducing, and anti-inflammatory properties. So, whether you are down with an infection or simply wish to protect yourself from disease, cannabis will help you by:

  • Reducing body aches.
  • Easing inflammation of the airways (won’t work if you are smoking cannabis).
  • Enhancing relaxation to help you sleep.
  • Acting as an antipyretic agent (sometimes).

And this is possible because marijuana can do both: suppressing the immune system or modulate other responses that might be affecting the functioning of the immune system indirectly. Consuming cannabis is undoubtedly helpful in managing a variety of health conditions. However, how will it affect the ongoing pandemic is still a mystery. 

However, make sure not to use smoking as a means to consume marijuana as it might act as a lung irritant. And as you know, coronavirus attacks the respiratory system, smoking might make your system vulnerable to that attack. Also, you need to ask your doctor if using cannabis is beneficial if you do get infected with the coronavirus. Therefore, consulting a doctor will help you to address the issue clearly and help you find the best strains or other cannabis products to help you get through this public health crisis quickly. 

And while doing so, maintain your daily hygiene and practice social distancing. Stay home stay safe. 

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