Broken tooth repairing and the options offered by modern dentistry

Broken tooth repairing

The human teeth are not indestructible. When the teeth are exposed to excess pressure or force they get damaged. The teeth are also prone to damage on receiving a hefty blow or impact. Damage to the teeth may range from chipping to breakage. When your teeth get damaged you have to get those Broken tooth repairing. Modern dentistry has evolved a lot to provide you with multiple options to fix your broken or damaged teeth. Actually the best option to fix a damaged tooth or teeth depends on the severity of the damage. If the damage or breakage in minimal and does not affect the integrity of the natural structure of a tooth then a simple cosmetic contouring and dental bonding is enough. These minimal treatments are relevant when your tooth suffers a little crack or a chip. On the other hand if the tooth suffers a severe injury which results in substantial damage, chip or breakage the more serious treatments are necessary. These treatments include full or partial dental crowns or veneers. If the damage is beyond repair then the damaged tooth or teeth have to be removed or extracted. Thankfully modern dentistry also offers reliable solutions to your missing tooth or teeth in form of dental implants and thus you do not have to go toothless in those severe circumstances.

Different treatments for your damaged or broken teeth have different price tags. Keeping all the facts and factors in mind that we have discussed in this post until now, let us dive straightway into various treatment options to broken or damaged tooth. A closer look at those options will help you take an informed decision if such circumstance arrives in your life, says a dentist in London who charges reasonable cost to repair broken tooth.

Cosmetic contouring 

Let us start with cosmetic contouring as this particular treatment is meant for the tiniest chips or cracks that your tooth may suffer from. As the name of the procedure suggests it is a dental cosmetic treatment. You can be rest assured not to receive this treatment on the NHS. In this procedure a rounding and polishing approach plays an important role. Any sharp edge of a damaged tooth is skilfully rounded off using the approach. As a result the chip or crack blends with the tooth structure. The procedure requires skills and patience of a dentist to provide an absolutely flawless and natural look to your cracked or chipped tooth. According to a rough estimation the treatment costs somewhere within the range from £30 to £100 per tooth. 

Dental binding or filling     

The procedure of dental bonding makes use of specially designed material that comes in the colour of the tooth. This tooth coloured material is fitted into or glued to the crack to facilitate repairing. The material turns hard and is then given the appropriate shape and then carefully smoothened. This is how the repairing work flawlessly blends with the rest of the natural teeth in your mouth. The approximate price of this particular treatment ranges between £90 and £200 per tooth. chances are pretty low that you will get this treatment on the NHS.

Dental veneers

Both composite and porcelain veneers are found to be effective masking any damage of the teeth. As such dental veneers are only meant to mask or cover up damage to the tooth or teeth but do not repair it. When it comes to restoring your natural smile this treatment works out magic and there is hardly any other option that provides better result. The treatment proves most ideal to cases where chips or cracks result in superficial damage but the inner structure of the tooth remain unaffected. According to a dentist who provides the service of emergency broken tooth repair veneers are basically ultrathin films of protective covering and these are either bonded or glued to the front surface of your damaged tooth to facilitate magical transformation of your smile. it is important to note that the cost of this treatment varies from case to case as well as from practice to practice depending upon the unique requirements of a patient. The cost of composite veneers is reasonable compared to that of porcelain ones. The price of composite veneers starts from around £150 per tooth whereas that of porcelain veneers starts from around £500.

Dental crown 

When broken tooth repair in the United Kingdom is concerned, this is one of the most popular treatments. The treatment is ideal for cases in which a cracked or broken tooth is damaged severely. Dental crowns are broadly of two types – a full crown sits on top of the entire damaged tooth whereas a particle crown sits atop only the problem area of the tooth. 

Crowns which are also called partial onlays add strength to a damaged tooth while helping it to retain its natural appearance. The range of dental restorations is custom crafted and can be made from varieties of material including the following –

  • All resin
  • Porcelain fused to metal
  • All gold (usually gold is used or any other alloy)
  • All ceramic

According to a dentist with years of experience in repairing broken tooth the majority of dental crown procedures are covered under the Band 3 treatments of the NHS. When you avail any Band 3 treatment under the NHS you pay a standard price of £269.30. However an NHS dentist is likely to provide you with the crown that is clinically necessary for your tooth. If you want an option which caters to your aesthetic needs on long term basis then you should go to private dentists instead on the NHS ones. 

Cosmetic dentistry treatments like crowns and on lays are mostly performed privately. It is relevant to mention in this context that NHS crowns are strictly governed by a set of rigid regulations related to the material used in making the restorations.  Private dentists on the other hand can easily provide you with more expensive porcelain crowns to ensure a more natural look and aesthetically appealing effect. However the price of the porcelain variety usually ranges from £250 to £1200 per tooth.   A dentist having years of experience in broken tooth extraction says if the damage is severe and it affects the pulp or the innermost chamber of the tooth then a root canal or endodontic therapy is more appropriate as dentist at Emergency Dentist London Pro. In this procedure the damaged or infected pulp is cleared away and only the outer structure of the tooth is left intact. The inner chamber is then sanitised and filled with a kind of dental material called gutta-percha and then sealed permanently. In order to provide reinforcement to the treated tooth dental crowns are usually placed atop it.