How CBD Positively Affects Your Body

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Cannabis experts are always looking for new ways in which cannabis can help a patient.  This is especially true when it comes to CBD and CBD oil.  While the uses for CBD grow each day, the way it helps the body remains vague.  Having a chemical compound with such broad defined terms can be confusing to the patient.

When it comes to CBD oil, how exactly does it positively affect the body?

Promotes a Healthy Heart

CBD oil can work wonders on the core of your vascular system.  Heart health is one of the most important things to keep in mind, especially as you age.  The key to a healthy heart is an open passage for blood to flow.  There are many reasons why the arteries leading to your heat maybe be decreasing in size.  Problems like poor diet, genetics and underlining cardiac issues may be doing your heart some damage.  This is where CBD can greatly improve your heart and its systems.

Because CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory.  This means that the swelling in your vascular system can decrease with a CBD oil regimen.  When the passages to the heart are open, there will naturally be an increase of blood flow with improves your heart’s functions.  Experts even go as far to say that CBD and CBD oil can reduce the risk of heart attacks.

Chronic Pain

Perhaps the most common use for CBD oil is to treat pain.  While CBD works great for relieving common pains like migraines, chronic pain is where it is at.  Chronic pain is the aching body pain that does not react with other prescription medications.  People who suffer from chronic pain are often prescribed dangerous opioids which can lead to addiction.  Using CBD as an alternative to opioids has become the most popular option for chronic pain suffers, but why?

According to a study, there is an obvious link between CBD and pain management.  CBD works to block the pain receptors in the brain.  With a CBD treatment, patients no longer are forced to rely on dangerous opioids.  More than that, some studies show that over time, CBD may work to reduce overall chronic pain.

Reducing Anxiety

Anxiety can be much more than an unsettling feeling.  Ailments, like social anxiety, can damper everyday life.  From not being able to hold a job to an abandonment of your social life, anxiety can be life deterring.  While it is still a new trend, using CBD oil to help reduce anxiety and depression is becoming more common.  This is because there is a direct link between CBD oil and the improvement of mental health.  Recent studies show that the link between CBD and mental health does not only work on anxiety but on stress as well.  According to sources, the majority of students tested reported a decrease in anxiety after being exposed to CBD.

How does it work?  CBD works to help relax the body and mind through the nervous system of your body.  By introducing CBD during high anxiety or stress, patients were able to relax their body and clear their mind.  When it comes to CBD oil and mental health, the connection is clear.  More than that, the benefits are amazing.


Cancer Treatment

Using cannabis for cancer treatment is nothing new.  However, since marijuana is slowly becoming legalized, there is in an increase in patients using cannabis.  When it comes to patients using CBD oil, they are mainly looking to treat the symptoms of cancer.  More than that, CBD is used to treat the side effects of other cancer treatments.  This includes surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy.  Even patients who have chosen alternative forms of treatment, still rely heavily on cannabis as an aide.

Some of the symptoms of treatment that CBD has been proven to help with include:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Low energy
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Weight loss

By introducing CBD oil to cancer patients, studies show that patients are more likely to continue treatment.  This is because with the side effects being decreased, they can focus more on their health and recovery.  According to the American Cancer Society, there are still plenty of studies being done between CBD and cancer treatment.  While the use of cannabis to treat tumors in lab rats showed a decrease in cancer cells, it still has yet to be proven in human trials.  This doesn’t mean that it won’t be proven either.  The community believes that in due time, with the right trials, there will be a final proven link between cannabis and the decrease of cancer cells.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps the most common thing patients want to know before starting a CBD treatment is, is CBD safe?  Yes, CBD is correct dosages is completely safe.  However, it is always important to check with your caretaker before starting a CBD treatment.  This way you can be sure that cannabis won’t interact with any medications you may be taking.  Another big misconception is that CBD will react the same with your body as marijuana will.  While CBD does decrease inflammation and relax the body and mind, it does not leave you will a high feeling.  This is because CBD is an extracted chemical compound that is separated from the popular THC.  So, whether you are looking for alternative ways to better treat your mental health or are looking to treat chronic pain, CBD oil may be right for you.  Good luck.

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