Situations where you need to contact a Children’s dentist Melbourne

Children’s dentist Melbourne

Brushing twice a day, keeping good oral hygiene, not letting food particles stay in the mouth for a long time, these are some basic dental hygiene that we tend to teach our kids from a very early age. This practice has been penned down from our ancestors and we strive to continue it because children learn quickly at a tender age and they seem to remember good habits that are thought to them when they are open to learning anything and everything. As a parent, you need to set a good example of taking care of dental hygiene. Your child will learn the importance of healthy teeth from you. If you find yourself alone in this soup, then you will be glad to know that Children’s Dentist Melbourne helps you in taking care of your child’s teeth.

Dental Clinics are opting for a fun approach

Yes! That’s right —  Dental clinics are ensuring that their services are child-friendly. To get this message across, they are opting the gentle approach. A lot of clinics have fun games for the children as part of their visit. They also have cartoons painted all over the wall, mounted televisions and a ride in a bright and colourful dental chair. This environment helps the child’s mind to be a little light and thus your child will have some distraction during the actual check-up. Sometimes children do not want to show their teeth to the dentist and it should not be forced. The comfort level will happen naturally. It is ideal if the first visit is arranged around the time the child turns one. 
Some common situations where you might want to visit a child dentist

Tooth decay in baby teeth can be caused due to various reasons. The most common ones are —

Eating Habits: When your child indulges in a lot of sugary and acidic food like biscuits and juices it tends to stick to the mouth. Also, the time or frequency of eating increase the chances of tooth decay

Oral Hygiene: It is important for your kid to brush at least twice a day, owing to the eating habits of a kid. They eat whatever they like and whenever they want

Soft Teeth: In some children, the teeth surface becomes weak and soft. These types of teeth are more prone to decay. This usually happens to those children who hypo mineralized teeth, or teeth with fluorosis

Medication: Some kinds of medication like asthma medicines can impact the teeth of your child and increase the chances of tooth decay


When there is lack of space in the mouth for all the teeth to grow properly, it causes crowding. Thus, it is important for you, as a parent to get your child’s teeth to get checked for crowding or spacing as well as the alignment of jaws. This helps identify if there is any early orthodontist treatment required. In cases where a baby tooth is removed, a space maintainer can be used to preserve the space where the tooth should have been, allowing room for the new tooth. If the gap is left as is, the adult teeth can move and overcrowd this space.

These are some of the common problems when a Children’s Dentist Melbourne comes handy.

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