How to Choose a Cardiac Surgeon When Heart Surgery Is Needed?

cardiac surgeon

Thousands of heart surgeries are routinely performed in the cardiology department of a multi-specialty hospital. Over the years, there have been transformative changes in heart surgeries. In today’s time, more and more heart patients are eligible for minimally invasive heart surgeries- advanced heart surgeries that provide better life quality and improved outcomes. Well, the success of Open Heart Surgery in Delhi, and the patient’s future lives lie in the hands of a cardiac surgeon. 

So, choosing the right cardiac surgeon is key to achieving optimal results of heart surgery, shares Dr. Sujay Shad, senior heart specialist and surgeon at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

Considering recommendations for a cardiac surgeon from a cardiologist or a general physician can be one of the best ways to select the right cardiac surgeon when you need heart surgery.

If you or your loved one is recommended for heart surgery, you need to be careful in making the right choice for a cardiac surgeon. Here is a guide on how to make your choice and much-needed information to help you make a well-informed, best decision.  

What kinds of heart surgery do you need?

Several heart ailments call for a surgical intervention and you might end up needing any one of them. The conditions that require heart surgery include coronary artery disease, heart failure, cardiovascular disease, and blocked or diseased valves. You can get more details onn all types of living saving heart surgery and Heart Valve Surgery in Delhi with Dr. Sujay Shad. For some heart patients, such conditions can be addressed with minimally invasive surgical techniques.

The type of heart surgery the patient needs, the expertise and experience of the cardiac surgeon, and hospital affiliations are some of the factors that are pondered upon when looking for the best cardiac surgeon.

How to choose a heart surgeon for your heart surgery needs?

  • Go for a cardiac surgeon having the expertise and experience in heart surgery you need. Select a cardiac surgeon who is affiliated with a hospital that is a leading destination for cardiac surgeries and has countless heart patients being operated on daily.
  • Consider affiliations of the hospital with other health systems. If there are best affiliations, you can rest assured of being operated on by an expert cardiac surgeon and receive superior quality of care. 
  • Look for national recognition by searching objective, trusted sources. Choose a cardiac surgeon who has been consistently named in the list of top cardiac surgeons. Such surgeons provide innovative care, an expansive scope of services, and have a matchless commitment to quality.
  • Seek out your heart surgery from a cardiac surgeon who is an expert in the most advanced diagnostics and cardiovascular surgeries. Such a surgeon would provide the safest cardiac procedures and the highest quality care.
  • Ask cardiac surgeons about any heart-related research and clinical trial programs. Cardiac surgeons who are involved in cardiac research and have been leaders in offering multiple ongoing clinical trials for heart patients may offer new medicines or therapies before all patients have access to them.
  • Take referrals from trustworthy people. You may get recommendations for a cardiac surgeon from your cardiologist, general physician, or other medical professionals. Moreover, you can talk to your known people who ever had heart surgery and received outstanding heart care and optimal surgery outcome and then make your choice.
  • Consider fellowship programs in cardiology. Go for senior cardiac surgeons who have been teaching or training upcoming heart surgeons on the most innovative treatments and are recognized experts in performing all heart surgeries.
  • Ensure the hospital provides expert care for any contingencies. Ideally, heart surgeries go smoothly without complications if an experienced and expert cardiac surgeon is chosen. But, if any complications or issues arise, make sure that the surgeon you chose provides the necessary care along with his or her robust, experienced cardiac team. Also make sure that cardiac surgeons practice in hospitals that offer home-based support programs, education, and other resources for quick recovery after surgery.
  • Choose a cardiac surgeon who makes you feel comfortable. Look for a cardiac surgeon who is willing to spend his/her quality time with patients to discuss their treatment options and the pros and cons of each, and is even willing to welcome their questions and give the best answers.
  • Check the list of cardiac surgeons with your health insurance plan. Insurance providers can share with you a list of hospitals and cardiac surgeons that are covered in your insurance plan and can even help if you want a cardiac surgeon who is not in your purchased insurance policy.

Get Advanced Heart surgery by top-notch Cardiac Surgeon: Dr. Sujay Shad

Dr. Sujay Shad is a highly reputed cardiac surgeons who has been performing a variety of heart surgeries for more than three decades. His expertise is in heart surgeries like coronary bypass surgery, HOCM, heart transplants, aortic surgery, surgery for cardiac failure, mitral valve repairs and replacements, and surgery for aneurysms.

He  addresses his patient’s heart problems with the help of the latest devices, technologies, and treatment options. These include leadless pacemakers, His bundle pacing, catheter-based ablation procedures, and lead extraction procedures. He is fully equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to aid in the accurate diagnosis of heart and painful medical conditions ranging from very common to very rare. If seeking optimal results for your cardiac or Open Heart Surgery in Delhi consult Dr. Sujay Shad today at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.