Cigarette Accessories that Make you Look Classy!

smoking accessories

Smoking is sexy. But not if you don’t do it right. A person, man or woman, lurking in the shadows, pulling out broken cigarettes from their pant pockets and looking for a matchstick to light it up is the most undesirable sight that could be instead of using cigarette accessories.

So what is it that makes smoking as an activity a sexy thing? Well, for starters, it isn’t so much simply drawing on tobacco as it is defiance. There is a slightly “bad boy” or “bad girl” feel to it. People usually associate independence and responsibility for it.  However, what’s the point if someone is just looking like they want to hide and crawl under the bed when they are smoking?

Jazzing it up – Cigarette Accessories

A confident smoker is an eye candy. I can keep staring at a good looking person dragging on puffs of smoke like they know what they are doing. I am a smoker and trust me; I get high in looking the part. So, I always advise people to be confident of the fact that they are smoking. IT should ‘feel’ right to you. And if it does, accessorizing it up a little will only make it hot hotter!

Cigarette Case

Cigarette Accessories

There is some old world charm associated with cigarette Accessories cases. For a man or a woman who uses a cigarette case, it is often an extension of their own personality. A cigarette case looks sexy and expensive. It gives the carrier a sense of richness. For me, personally, I feel empowered when I pull out my addiction from a golden case. Yes. Anyone can buy the brand of smokes that I do, but mine is that much more tempting because it comes out of a case!



Arguably, this is the most sought after cigarette accessories around. Anyone who is a smoker likes to keep a lighter handy. Not just for its practical purposes but for the style quotient as well. The type of cigarette lighter that a person uses can leave a lasting impression on you. So, if you don’t want someone to ever forget you, go for a Zippo stainless steel lighter.

Rolling Machine

rolling machine

If you are a cultured cigarette aficionado, then the store bought cigarettes won’t cut it for you. You need to roll the cigarette with your own hands and feel it obey you and meld into a shape of your desire. You can even buy the automatic rolling machine which can do the job in a much more efficient way. But if you want that rustic and raw feel, go for the ones that are meant for hand rolling.

Tobacco Pouch

Tobacco Pouch

This is an all in one solution. For the hand rollers, the tobacco pouch is an excellent accessory as it allows you to store your tobacco such that it remains nice and moist, along with a special section to store the cigarette paper and a small slit to slip the rolling machine in. There is also another section to keep your filters in.

On the whole, smoking is a character of a person. It enunciates a side of an individual that you won’t get to see otherwise. When you add the cigarette accessories to it, it shows you as a strong and decisive person with a flair for fashion.

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