After Care Regime for Dental Implants by George Pegios


Our teeth not only serve eating purposes but they are the important part of human aesthetics. Implants are the common as well as most prominent procedure available in dentistry that is appropriate for replacing missing teeth to retain your beautiful smile once again. Usually people know about implants but there are very few people who pay their heed to know about how to take care of them.  

George Pegios a pioneer in dentistry is here with important tips that could help you to make your implants stay inside your mouth for extended period of life.

Why Dentists Prefer Implants?

Implants are replicas of your natural teeth and are akin to them in their looks as well as in their functionality. Placement of them inside your mouth is beneficial in the following ways.

  • Encourages healthy life style.
  • Promotes good oral health.
  • Prevents periodontal diseases.
  • Commits to be with you for life-long.
  • Prevent Tooth decays and oral diseases.
  • Save money on regular dental checkups.
  • Improvisation in overall eating experience.
  • Improves facial aesthetics and more.

How to Maintain Implants with Efficacy?  

Dental implants offer several advantages over other dental procedures such as bridges and dentures. If implants are not taken care of carefully they results in plaque build-up around dental implants that causes bleeding gums, infections, bone loss and other dental issues.

George is giving prominent dental care tips here that could be helpful to assure your healthy, beautiful and radiant smile that remains on your face for the years coming ahead.

Brush Your Teeth Thoroughly and Regularly

Dentists recommend using soft bristles that are specially designed to clean your mouth thoroughly. There are some hard to reach areas inside your mouth that are not easy to clean. In every brushing make sure to clean surface of implants for 2-3 minutes which is an ideal brushing time to remove accumulated plaque.

Don’t Forget to Floss

Plaques and all sort of dental issues are caused because of food particles that remain in between the teeth and flossing once in a day can keep your teeth sparklingly white and free from all sorts of dental issues. So if you want to make sure there are no dental issues or gum problems make use of flossing on regular basis.

Avoid Hard and Sticky Food

Eating hard foods can result in damage to implants; sticky food gets stuck inside your mouth and makes dental implant structure weaker the list of such foods includes ice, hard candy, dry fruits, caramels and more.

 Say No! to Alcohol and Smoking

Smoking could be hazardous for implants as it limits the blood supply to our gums especially in the first 6 months of the procedures. Not only smoking but drinking alcohol excessively could slow down the healing process. So avoiding both the habits will help you to keep your implants healthy for longer period of time.

Routine Dental Visits and Checkups

A regular visit to a doctor can help you to maintain overall oral health, dentists believes that implants are meant to be there for life time and surely they can be but the only condition is their maintenance.  Take help from the information given in the blog and to know more and to get professional help book an appointment with George Pegios an expert dentist associated with implants from years.

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