Legally Order Marijuana To Your Doorstep With Eaze!

Eaze review

Marijuana. Just hearing the name can bring in a sweep of ease into our lives. But the whole issue of legality burns the heart of many users. Although about half of the states of the United States have legalized medicinal marijuana, there is still a long way to go.

The stigma attached

Let’s face it. There is a huge stigma attached to smoking weed. People sometimes think of it as an addiction that could ruin lives. But people have to understand the marijuana, also known as weed, is not a synthetic drug. It is an unrefined plant that helps the human body in many ways.

Eaze Application Review

Eaze is a mobile application and website that enables users to order marijuana from their homes and get it delivered to their doorstep. This app is quite a revolution in itself. It allows people to maintain their discretion to avoid any speculation and their own stash delivered whenever it is convenient for them.

eaze application review

How the Eaze app works

The app is pretty simple. It looks like an e-commerce site, where you can log in and see all their products, ranging from weed to edible cannabis and also topical CBD. The objective of this site is to ensure that medical marijuana can be delivered to the patients in need. The focus is to ensure that even patients who can’t smoke the weed directly can either consume it in the form of a gummy candy or apply it directly to their pain areas.

The user can log into the app and order their product. They will have to fill in their address and suitable delivery time and get the items delivered to their doorstep. The payment procedure for the products is absolutely hassle-free. It is done via auto deduction from the chosen credit card or debit card.


There are many positives to using this application

  • User-friendly: the app built in a way that is super user-friendly. It has a very intuitive flow which makes it very easy for the user to place their orders.
  • Easy payment options: the payment procedure of the app is quite simple. The user doesn’t have to bother with cash as the payment can be auto deducted through the chosen credit or debit card. However, if they want, they can make the payment through cash on delivery as well.
  • A wide range of products: the app is really well equipped with a vast array of products. From smokable, to edible and topical, this app has got it all. It also has various choices in vape sticks.
  • Quick delivery: the app has a very good delivery time track. Item delivery takes a very short time using this app. As people hate to wait, this is their go-to application.
  • Affordable pricing
  • The app has great offers and discounts. It definitely sells marijuana at rates that people can buy without burning a hole in their pocket. You can compare and analyze which one you like the best from the options mentioned in the list.


Unfortunately, ease doesn’t have all positives. There are a few things that have become a challenge for people when it comes to using this app.

  • Bad customer service: Customer service is an incredibly important aspect of any business. People need to feel valued. Unless you offer them assistance at every step, you will not have a good customer loyalty.
  • No social media support: They are quite unresponsive on social media. People have tried to reach out to them through Facebook and Twitter but to no avail.
medical marijuana

Make it your own

The fact that their customer service hasn’t been too good opens new doors and opportunities for you to start your own marijuana delivery application. You can buy a readymade application and launch it as our own app. Such apps require the least effort from your end and mostly run automatically. If you are planning to start your own marijuana on demand delivery app then remember to do some digging and research before putting in your money.

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