Effects of alcohol on plastic surgery

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The lifestyle of people in this era is very much different from the people in primitive times. While people used to consume a healthy and nutritious diet in the olden times, this era continues to witness people having junk food and consuming beverages. With that, alcohol consumption is a common thing for most people.

However, for immunocompromised people, alcohol is something to stay away from. If you are visiting a cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai for surgery, you will find them asking you to avoid alcohol. Alcohol consumption can cause problems in the healing process after plastic surgery.

Increased bleeding

The most common effect of alcohol consumption for those undergoing plastic surgery is that it may increase post-surgical bleeding. Are you planning to visit a plastic surgeon in Mumbai? Will you be undergoing surgery to improve your esthetics? Well, know that you have to avoid alcohol for some time before & after the surgery.

Cold beverages including alcohol thin out the blood in your body. This results in increased post-operative bleeding that may cause major problems. Ultimately, the clot won’t form at the incision site and there will be no healing. Not just this, this may also increase the chances of infection.


To function fully and properly, a body needs energy and stamina. A person will surely experience increased fatigue if he or she is drinking alcohol after the surgery. The best dental cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai always instructs the patients to avoid alcohol so that he or she doesn’t experience fatigue. Not just this, fatigue may cause slower healing and various other issues.

Increased swelling

Many people might not be aware of this but alcohol results in increased swelling at the incision site. Alcohol causes the blood vessels in your body to widen. This causes certain patients to experience increased swelling in the region of their surgery.

Many patients who try to cross their surgeon’s advice and drink alcohol come up with swelling in the area of surgery. This is not a good thing when it comes to post-surgical recovery. Swelling may disrupt the healing process and you will require more time to recover.


Many people visit a cosmetic clinic in Mumbai for plastic surgery ask their surgeon if they can consume alcohol. These people think that alcohol will alleviate the pain for some time and also let them continue their habit. However, the fact is that alcohol numbs the pain for a while but may cause discomfort to a greater extent.

After the consumption of alcohol, one will notice not just increased discomfort but also soreness. You might experience serious ill effects if you take medications after drinking alcohol. So, you must avoid alcohol temporarily to ensure that you experience easy recovery.


If you are drinking alcohol to refresh yourself after the plastic surgery, you are wrong. The best plastic surgeon in Maharashtra will always ask you to avoid alcohol as it can cause dehydration. Many people don’t know this, but alcohol harms the process of hydration in your body. One needs to stay hydrated after a major surgery that supports your recovery process. Hydration is very important for your body, especially after cosmetic surgery. If you don’t pay attention to this, you will take time in recovering from the surgery.

When can I start alcohol consumption after surgery?

While the procedure varies from person to person, so does the recovery. Your recovery will determine when you can start having alcohol again. If you underwent minor plastic surgery, you may start alcohol consumption after 3-4 weeks. Contrary to this, a major cosmetic procedure demands you to avoid alcohol for more than 4 weeks.

An easy way for determining the same is by visiting your surgeon for follow-up. Your follow-up visits will reveal your recovery and help your surgeon to determine when you can start alcohol.


Alcohol consumption is fine until and unless you are doing it to a certain extent. Excess of alcohol can already have serious complications and surgery is no exception. One needs to avoid alcohol after a cosmetic surgery no matter whether it was a minor one or a major one. While you are now aware of the effects, you must make sure you don’t drink alcohol after your surgery.

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