causes of insomnia

Everyone experiences the occasional sleepless night.  Unfortunately, there are some people who have more than their fair share of these types of stressful nights.  The reason for this is they are suffering from Insomnia. Insomnia occurs when a person either has trouble falling to sleep or staying asleep long enough to have a restful night.

Unknown to most people is the fact that Insomnia is a symptom brought on by other complicated situations.  Given this reality, it’s important to find the underlying reason for your insomnia and afterwards to visit a doctor for immediate treatment.

The following situations are causes of insomnia:

1) Stress: 

Everyone experiences stress related insomnia.  This is when a stressful situation keeps you awake to the point that sleep is not impossible; for your mind can not shut down the continuous thoughts and worries racing through it.  This can lead to some people identifying their bed as a stressful place.

2) Mental Health Problems: 

Mental disorders such as depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, anxiety, and other disorders can keep you awake all night; thus being major causes of insomnia.  This can also worsen these conditions.

3) Medication: 

If you take sleeping medication long enough that your body become dependent on it, this can be problematic.  Your body should never depend on a sleeping aid in order to sleep restfully.  Therefore, you should discuss any dependency you have on sleeping medication with your doctor.

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4) Beverages: 

While we tend to drink hot cocoa in the wintertime to get a warm and peaceful night’s sleep, there are beverages that have the opposite effect of this.  One of those beverages is coffee.  Given the fact that coffee contains high levels of caffeine, coffee will definitely keep you awake if you drink it at night.  Cola, also heavily dosed with caffeine, can also give you a restless night.

Alcohol can also make you have a restless night.  Granted, most drinkers drink alcohol to relax and sleep.  However, it is known to do just the opposite.  The best solution regarding these two beverages is to avoid them prior to bedtime.

5) Physical Conditions: 

There are countless of physical conditions that make you suffer with insomnia.  Menopause, for instance, has cause many middle aged women to have sleepless nights.  So, don’t hesitate to visit your doctor to see what’s going on with your body to affect your sleep.  It could possibly be a sign of a serious health problem.

In conclusion, there are several causes of insomnia that can actually go beyond this list.  Some of these causes of insomnia could be the reason you’re tossing and turning way into the night.  Nevertheless, it’s always best to talk to your doctor, who will have the best solution to getting on the pathway to a good night’s sleep.

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People try various diets plans for weight loss. One diet that should be tried is a vegetarian weight loss diet plan. Here is a major benefit to this diet plan:

Improved health: 

According to research, vegetarians are more likely to have a healthy BMI –body mass index – versus non-vegetarians.  Vegetarians are also less likely to suffer from obesity, coronary artery disease, cancer, and hypertension. All of this is credited to avoiding meat, which is the main source of saturated fat.

An unknown fact to people is that you don’t have to become vegetarian 100% to benefit from the vegetarian weight loss diet plan. You can simply cut down on the amount of meat you eat and see positive results.  A good example of this is eating meat three times a week while eating a vegetarian diet the remainder of the days.

Make sure that your diet is balanced by getting enough protein in it.  Get your protein by eating plenty of legumes, beans and soy products.

A vegetarian weight loss diet plan alone will not make you lose weight. You must monitor your calorie intake and exercise regularly if you want to lose weight.

So when you’re ready to diet for weight loss, remember that the vegetarian weight loss diet plan just might be the one for you.