A Friendly Guide About Growing Strains

Custom CBD Boxes

You can easily use regular cannabis seeds to grow popular marijuana strains. Whenever we think of cannabis seeds, we think of their genetics-White Widow, Haze, AK 47, but what is cannabis genetics? And how in the world do we breed them?

To explain it in layman’s terms, cannabis genetics determines the characteristics a plant will have, such as size and growth time, aroma, flavor, terpenes, THC and CBD levels, and yield.

Custom CBD Boxes usually have written on them the THC and CBD levels the oil contains.

Which Strains Do I Start With?

There are several factors involved. Growing Cannabis strains they already trust, such as Northern Lights, White Widow, or Kush, is a good start. We take what exists and works to develop new strains and apply it to new situations. We give strains to breeders when there is a specific market demand or when we find strains that we like. Breeders sometimes choose seeds that are already a hit for breeding or try to grow a new one according to the trends and fashions.

You can get better results with regular cannabis seeds than feminized ones, but they are more challenging to cultivate. They also yield better results. Instead of feminized plants, regular cannabis seeds will be easier to manage and grow. You’ll need to monitor it more frequently and adjust its light schedule accordingly.

Beginner’s Luck

But if you are not an experienced grower, you can try your luck with regular marijuana seeds. You can harvest your Cannabis within ten weeks after they have grown into heavy colas, provided you grow them in a greenhouse or a Mediterranean climate.

In the flowering stage, regular cannabis seeds produce fewer THC-rich flowers. Also, during this stage, regular cannabis seeds produce lower-quality clones. For this reason, regular cannabis seeds are the best choice for those who want an Indica-dominant plant. Cannabis seeds from a hybrid strain possess a high level of THC. These plants are great for greenhouse and indoor growing and are a great addition to any cannabis seed collection. Regular cannabis seeds are recommended for beginners as they work as nature intended.

What If I Want a Higher THC Content?

If you want a higher THC content strain, go with the females. The males are no less important as they contain the THC rich flower. The next challenge is to produce large amounts of seeds to reduce costs. We identify the critical male plants that produce the most pollen to achieve this goal. This, in combination with plants that have large buds, results in seeds that will result in higher yields.

For beginners, this is the way to go. You can start experimenting with cannabis plants by starting with regular cannabis seeds. They are the most affordable and can be grown quickly, but they are not as effective as feminized seeds. The only difference is that feminized seeds can be more attractive. vape cartridge packaging usually contain information about their yields in this regard.

Generally, high yielding Cannabis plants do not require special care. They can take better advantage of nutrients and process more light. Organic nutrients, chemical nutrients, or a combination may be used to grow Cannabis. These options have pros and cons, so you must choose the best option for your needs based on your preference, location, availability, and budget.

Organic Or Chemical Fertilizer?

There is an ongoing debate about whether organic fertilizers are better for THC growth or chemical ones. Both methods can yield excellent results as long as they are performed correctly. Chemical fertilizers have the advantage that the necessary elements are immediately available to the plants. On the other hand, be careful about nutrient overdosing when using organic fertilizers.

The essential nutrients for Cannabis plants can be found in different fertilizer products. These products are usually made for each of the plant stages. The fertilizer label usually shows a dosage measurement chart and a schedule.

How Long Until I’m Up There?

The vegetative stage lasts at least 6-12 weeks, and the plant requires a large quantity of light and nutrients during this time. It is critical to provide nutrients, especially nitrogen, during this stage to establish healthy plants.

Marijuana plants require a lot of nitrogen, especially during this period of growth, because nitrogen is the nutrient that controls protein formation.

With correctly moderated light, the plant growth will be visibly significant. You will have to reduce the light significantly as this is what manipulates the plants to think that it is late summer and now the time for seed production has begun.

Do your research thoroughly and find all angles where you can improve and then improve them. In no time, you will be growing your supply. The emergence of your first buds is genuinely a moment of exasperation and happiness. I hope you enjoy your journey!