All you need to know about gas problem?

gas problem

Gas is a result of the foods we eat. People get rid of it through burping or through Flatulence. It’s a common thing but sometimes it seems like embarrassing. So people facing this problem must visit the best gastroenterologist in Chennai to treat it with the best treatment in India. Not everyone face this with the same food. The food which remains undigested goes to large intestine from small intestine then the bacteria start doing its job. When you eat or drink beverages you swallow some amount of air which becomes gas later, which are released through burping, went to large intestine and then released through flatulence!

Chances to get gas are from the foods rich in carbohydrates, foods like:  vegetables like broccoli, onions, soft drinks, fruit drinks, thick shakes, beans, etc. cause gas. Symptoms of gas are:

  • Burping 
  • Flatulence 
  • Feeling tummy bloated
  • Pain in lower or upper abdomen 
  • Heaviness in body 

This may be a sign of other medical issues like: Ulcers, GERD, hernia, bowel syndrome etc. As diet is the reason of this problem, when you go to doctor he will ask you about the foods you eat more frequently and the symptoms faced by the patient.  You have to stop eating that food that will be diagnosed as the cause of the issue. Your doctor will ask you to show him X -rays of your abdomen, food you eat and your lifestyle to find the reason and treat you. 

Treatments done to correct this problem are: you should cut down the food that is causing you gas, taking other diet supplements so that your nutrition intake does not get affected, changing your diet and giving you diet charts etc. ways to swallow less air can be not to drink soft drinks with a straw, not eating gum candy, eat slow etc. 

Gastroenterology is the branch of the drugs that works for problems in intestines or abdomen. This is inclusive of all the problems from burping to flatulence. The process used by the doctor is named as endoscopy, which is a camera type device inserted through the mouth of the patient to examine the internal problem in his body. Bloating of abdomen is the sign that the excessive gas is struck in your abdomen.  Eating very fast and chewing food swiftly are one of the causes of gas, consumption of too many gaseous drinks, and poor digestion of food. 

Common steps to avoid it: 

  • Keeping a check on the foods that you eat.
  • Eat as slow as possible
  • Avoid foods with high fibre or carbs. 
  • Drink water as much as you can
  • Make a healthy lifestyle 
  • Exercise daily 
  • Eat in portions rather than eating in one go.
  • Get yourself to a doctor
  • Follow doctor’s advice carefully.

The amount of the gas present in one’s body depends on the undigested food which creates bacteria. The main reason of belching or burping is the excessive gas in the body, sometimes it become difficult to make difference in gas and belching when you feel relaxed with belching this means you are suffering from excessive gas and vice versa. Bloating is also the cause of gas problem, bloating usually means that your stomach is full to capacity and even excess of it you will feel some kind of heaviness and discomfort in your body which stops you to being a healthy person. Flatulence released when the undigested food reaches your intestine and helping it out to digest excess sugar intake in the body. 

Excessive production of gas in the body can be caused due to the ability of the bacteria to produce gas, caused due to indigestion of food. People are not aware of the fact that swallowing air cause belching and gas in the body. These are the causes and symptoms of the gas problem; you must not take them lightly and cannot treat this only with home remedies, you must visit a doctor for the best treatment for this problem, the most famous treatment for gas are available in Chennai( India), the best gastroenterologist in Chennai is available for this treatment. You must follow the proper instructions to stay healthy!!

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