Which is better for you? Handcrafted vs. Factory-Made Smoking Pipes

Smoking Pipes

I guess this can’t be called a “deep-rooted banter,” however as lines take on another age of smokers, many are posing similar inquiries:

What’s the distinction between a carefully assembled smoking line and a production line made smoking line?

Will a production line smoke well? Unequivocally! In light of a legitimate concern for putting any misinformation to rest, we have chosen to advance a review of the upsides and downsides of both hand-tailored and industrial facility-made smoking lines, really clearing up the unnecessary disarray.

Initially, the object of the game we call pipe smoking is to get a few tobaccos in an opening and light it ablaze. To achieve this utilizing a slam pole to push some Captain Black into a cored zucchini, one could do so.

Nonetheless, that is unadvisable, as Captain Black is low-quality tobacco. Regarding the slam bar and the zucchini, various strokes.

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While “industrial facility made” may conjure pictures of oily cog wheels murmuring and hunch-upheld beast-men thoughtlessly pressing buttons, pipes like those from Peterson and Stanwell are made by gifted workers. The crude square is cut precisely.

However, the tedious, fitting, and completing is finished the hard way ultimately. That is why even processing plant-made lines doesn’t come without a cost.

Be that as it may, manufacturing plant-made smoking lines are more financially estimated than carefully assembled pipes, for the most part in light of the productivity with which they’re made. For a starting line smoker, this in itself can be a chief.

You’ll observe that even the most colossal gatherers frequently have a couple of manufacturing plant-made lines in their cupboards since strolling the town or fly fishing with 1,000 dollar pipe in your mouth isn’t helpful. However, one could decide to haul the high-grade out of the holster on a unique event.

Besides value, accessibility is one more benefit of the production line pipe. So your most loved billiard is worn out or broken? Purchase another!


Since manufacturing plant-made lines are penetrated precisely, there is a slight opportunity that the boring can be inaccurate. It could mean a few terrible indications like dampness gathering in the lower part of the bowl and the knife.

Similarly, as a hot day feels more sweltering when the moistness is high, wet smoke is hot smoke. The style of manufacturing plant-made lines is one more area of inconvenience. With restrictions forced by the machines used to cut the wood, the more emotional shapes are unrealistic.


A portion of the benefits is very apparent. Tastefully, high-quality smoking lines will constantly have the advantage. Emotional shapes, incredible grain quality, heavenly sandblasts complete the process of differentiating stains, topsy-turvy bends, and endless different conceivable outcomes exist when a craftsman is restricted simply by his creative mind.

Besides, you’d be unable to observe a genuine high-grade pipe that was inadequate in the mechanic’s division. Definitively bored and fitted, these lines can regularly smoke to the exceptionally base with less dampness aggregation. In this way, a drier and more charming smoke, so you’ll benefit from those first-rate tobaccos.


There are two possible detriments to high-quality lines. They can be pricey. I mean somewhere in the range of $500-$5,000! That is a chunk of change, without a doubt.

The subsequent potential issue indeed rests with the smoker. There are individuals making pipes out there that aren’t accurate artisans. You don’t constantly get what you pay for.

One line producer could think his precious stone studded lines are valued at fifteen thousand dollars; however, that doesn’t mean they are. It would help if you got your work done on an artisan before buying their work.

The Bottom Line

The two kinds of smoking lines have their motivation, and your choice will be founded on how a line accommodates your way of life. You will probably wind up for certain manufacturing plant-made lines, and maybe a few carefully assembled pipes too. For hell’s sake, you might even wind up with zucchini. Most smokers do.