during pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most important stage in any mother’s life! 

The first 3 months are very crucial for any mother. There is a severe loss of body fluid due to excessive vomiting. 

Healthy food intake with lots of rest is extremely important for the healthy development of the fetus. 

One may not feel fine with the aroma of certain foods like onion, bread & pulses. This may vary from person to person. 

Daily calcium & protein-rich food is highly recommended for good health. 

A particular day in the life of a pregnant lady starts with fatigue, body pain & sleeplessness. Followed by a hectic schedule of doctor’s appointments & uncountable tests. 

Women have to take care of her and the growing baby round the clock for 8 to 9 months. 

Here are the 10 most important tips for safe pregnancy 

1. Be active: Pregnant women have to work out to keep themselves active 

throughout the day. This is very necessary for ensuring babies are also active. Workout can be in the form of yoga, light movement exercises & small walks. They should avoid sitting in a fixed posture for too long. 

2. Take rest: One needs to take plenty of rest in the form of short naps in the 

afternoon. A good sound sleep at night is necessary for the growing child & mother. 

3. No stress: Grandmothers ask expectant mothers to take things easily. Too much 

stress is bad for pregnancy & can hurt the fetus’s health. But believe me, stress is unavoidable at this stage due to sudden change in hormones. Solution is to practice meditation, put up a smile on the face to bring a healthy child in this world. 

4. Take plenty of Vitamin D: Expected mother’s bones become very weak during 

pregnancy. Much of which goes in giving a strong foundation to newborn. Vitamin D is essential for quick absorption of Calcium & responsible for development of a Child’s bone. Suggested Calcium sources are Spinach, Milk, Almonds, Walnut, etc. Though sunshine is the best source of Vitamin D. Doctors recommend weekly doses of Cholecalciferol tablets or granules. 

5. Short meals: Take mini-meals at short intervals to boost up energy. One has just 

not to feed yourself but also the baby. You can plan your everyday meals in the form of Breakfast: Almonds, Milk, Bread, Egg Lunch: Chapati, Dal, Rice, Curd, Paneer. Evening snacks : Dry fruits Dinner: Dal, Chapati Veggies & Milk. 

6. Plenty of water: Drink water all day to keep your body hydrated. Doctors 

recommend 10–12 glasses of water every day. Pollutant free, healthy water is necessary for the growth of the baby. Nutrients from the food are absorbed by water during digestion. Water & absorbed minerals are essential for maintaining amniotic fluid volume. This acts as a medium of nutrient & mineral transfer from the mother’s body to a growing baby. 

7. Avoid Caffeine & alcohol: Modern lifestyle has increased dependency on 

addictive materials like caffeine & alcohol. Caffeine consumption can increase the bp & heart rate of expectant mothers. It can further multiply anxiety, headache & insomnia. Limiting caffeine consumption is crucial for the health of the baby. High levels of caffeine can affect fetus health to a greater extent even leading to miscarriage. Alcohol addiction while pregnancy can induce long term incurable diseases in babies. It can start with learning disorders, social disorders, speaking disorders & psychological disorders. In simple words, alcohol can do irreparable damage to babies for life. It should be avoided at all costs. 

8. Track your baby movements: It’s good to track baby movements. If you don’t observe baby movement for 1-2 days, then one should immediately rush to the ultrasonologist for color doppler tests. There may be different reasons for drop in baby movements. It can be little exercise by mother, umbilical cord winding across the fetus body limiting its movement and a lot more other things. 

9. Identify the labor pain: Sometimes new pregnant mothers are unable to identify labor pains. They mistake it as regular pain & take non-prescribed medicines. This is a serious mistake that can prove fatal to both mother & child. One should be immediately rushed towards emergency delivery to handle the situation. 

10. Watch your steps while walking: Take walking steps with extreme caution. 

One should not raise their legs too high while crossing a barrier. Sometimes it may start internal bleeding. You have to be alert on every step. 

Pregnancy is god’s gift to human kind to give birth to another life. Only women have received such wonderful power from god. It is a delightful journey full of twists, turns, suspense & a happy ending. It has to be lived & experienced with full joy. 

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