How Does Vaping Work Anyway?


Vaping is the latest craze in smoking and it is getting more popular every day.  It appeals for a lot of reasons: it doesn’t create the second-hand smoke that traditional cigarettes do which makes it a healthier way to imbibe nicotine; it doesn’t require any source of fire which means it is not likely to cause a fire or severe burns; it also does not produce a lingering odor like cigarettes do; and, lastly, New Zealand vapour is available in a huge variety of flavors and strengths.

Here is how it actually works:

Regulated mods NZ are miniature vaporizers, mouth to lung vape, not vaporizer to air vape.  They have small heating coils inside them that require batteries to work.  The coils heat up the nicotine e-liquid until it turns into vapor that you can inhale directly from the mod.  It is much more like inhaling steam than it is smoking a traditional cigarette.  When vaping, you also need to be careful of burning the cotton filler in the mod – this can happen if you let your mod get too close to empty or if it is burning too hot or too fast.  Thankfully, all of the parts for vape mods are replaceable so if something does go wrong, you’re covered. Also note that there are starter kits available, such as novo smok and smok nord for example, that come with various replacement parts and instructions to help you learn how your mod works.

Because it is vapor you are inhaling, you can conceivably use a vaporizer for sale NZ to treat such conditions as nasal and chest congestion or even sore throat provided you choose a flavor that will actually help with those things, such as mint or lemon.  Someone might choose to vape to help them quit smoking also. This is quite feasible when you consider that New Zealand vapour is available in nicotine concentrations of 0 mg/mL to 36 g/mL.  With increments like that, it is very doable to gradually reduce your nicotine intake until you no longer need nicotine at all.  Another health-related reason to vape is that nicotine e-liquid is available that has cbd oil mixed into it – cbd is the substance in marijuana that is responsible for the health benefits gained from its use.  CBD is helpful in treating insomnia, pain, upset stomach, anxiety, and much more! If all of these health benefits appeal to you, make a trip to your nearest vape shop Auckland cbd today to learn more!

Of course, most people don’t use regulated mods NZ for their health benefits!  Most of us do it for the sheer pleasure of the experience and that experience includes hundreds of different flavors to choose from in New Zealand vapour, including the option of having your vape juices custom mixed to suit your exact tastes!  No matter what your interest is in vaping, a good vape shop Auckland can get you set up for the first time and keep you in supplies for as long as you choose to vape.