There are wide ranges of things you can find in your local market or e-commerce site. They also offer promotional deals and discount codes occasionally. But you can find lots of things that contain harmful chemicals through which the health of the person is at risk.

Lungs inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Lung helps us to take the oxygenated air into our bodies. But as you see in your surroundings that people smoke regularly and it is not good for their health. These weaken their lungs and lung can’t exhale carbon dioxide fully. Through the unwell function of the lung, cigarettes cause lung cancer.

Carbon monoxide, nicotine, tar, and others are those chemicals that negatively affect the body. It damages cells of the body, enhance the blood pressure, glucose from the body also release faster and so on. Tissues of lungs also damage because of smoking of the cigarette.

By smoking cigarettes, cancer disease substance also increases and thus these substances enhance the illness into the severe disease of lung cancer. Promptly, all tissues of the body repair but due to smoking damaged tissue can’t be repaired because of harmful chemicals that continuously insert in the body by the cigarette. Thus it leads to severe diseases such as lung cancer.


Symptoms of lung cancer don’t show at the earliest stage but it reflects when this disease has grown. Consult the doctor first when you see any sign of lung cancer. Few signs reflects cancer in the lungs such as, 

  • Pain in bones. 
  • Blood comes in the mouth while coughing.  
  • Weight is losing without any reason.
  • A person can’t take full breaths.
  • Pain in chest.


  • Eat all the natural food such as vegetables, fruits, pulses, dry fruits, and much more. This food enhances the growth of all body parts and every damaged part of the body easily repair.
  • Don’t smoke because it is harmful to health. It contains harmful chemicals that effect badly to your body. Also, recommend to children to not smoke and also tell them causes of smoking the cigarette.
  • Don’t go to that place where people smoke and also instruct them not to smoke. If your friend is smoking so tell them to not smoke here. Send them outside for smoking. Don’t inhale other’s smoke.
  • Regularly go for a morning walk in the park. As you know trees and plants exhale oxygen in the day and it is essential for the human body because it takes oxygen.
  • Factory workers wear a mask and wear those clothes that are given by the factory head. These clothes and mask are to protect your body and face from the harmful smell of chemicals.

All in all, people like to smoke cigarette so much. They make their habit and finally, cancer occurs in their body. Companies of cigarettes are also working to enhance their sales growth by offering sales promotional deals through which their sells enhance and thus its affects badly to the human body.

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