How to Buy Cannabis During The COVID-19 Pandemic?

buy cannabis during

The current COVID-19 pandemic rule allows marijuana dispensaries to offer services to cannabis users. Marijuana dispensaries in most U.S. states are offering curbside pick-ups and online deliveries. But does this mean that it is safe to buy cannabis during the pandemic? Should cannabis users walk up to dispensaries or allow delivered packages into their house? 

Well, you should probably restrict yourself from walking up to a dispensary. Here’s what we have found out and here’s what you should know. 

Cannabis Purchase During The Pandemic

If we solely look at the current revenue structure, it is fair to say that some dispensaries have witnessed an instant surge in sales. People are stocking up on cannabis and most of them are ordering cannabis online. However, it is vital to keep safety measures in mind. After all, the SARS-CoV-2 has affected millions of lives worldwide. 

This means that safety should be your prior concern. While cannabis stores are quarantining people who are sick, wearing gloves, sanitizing everything around the stores, and taking care of everything that can help curb the virus. You as a canna-users also have to be extremely cautious. You have to social distance and make less contact with people who may shed the virus into your surrounding environment. 

Also, there are shortages of gloves and masks. The workers at the dispensary might wear them, but it is still possible to shed droplets of the virus onto the gloves. The same droplets will then transfer onto your CBD gummies or other cannabis products packed in your delivery bag. This means that you can catch the virus from any surface and the virus is known to live up to many hours on the surface area. So, first, let’s begin by explaining how safe deliveries are and what measures can you take to potentially keep the virus away from your family and you. 

Disinfect The Outer Packaging

Since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, many reports have emerged regarding its composition and nature. One such report or to be precise a study was published in The New England Journal of Medicine last month. The study went on to say that the COVID-19 virus can survive on various surfaces. Those surfaces include metal and cardboard. The virus can survive up to 24 hours on these surfaces and on plastic, it can survive for up to two days. 

Although, you don’t need to catch the coronavirus particles on the packaging. However, the possibilities of contracting the coronavirus from surfaces cannot be ignored. To ease your concern and stress regarding COVID-19 transfer here are a few things you can do to disinfect your cannabis packaging as soon as it arrives. 

First and foremost, wear gloves while receiving the package. Keep the package in a safe place and wipe it with a strong disinfectant. Or else you can even let the package sit for two days in a safe place. The virus dies out on its own after a certain period of time. 

For those who order cannabis online and pick the package curbside, the best way to stay safe is to disinfect the package with a wipe. As soon as you enter your house don’t forget to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and dispose of the gloves without touching anything inside your house. And don’t touch your face, eyes, or mouth. 

Note: Disinfect the outer package only. After all, you don’t want to make edibles out of cannabis laced with a strong disinfectant. 

Social Distance While Heading Out To Buy Cannabis

Provinces in the U.S. deemed cannabis businesses as essential. This means that now people in some states like Ontario and Quebec can walk up to dispensaries and purchase cannabis. Particularly those who need it for medical reasons. In fact, telehealth services play a major role in the current situation. Most people are getting a medical marijuana evaluation through telemedicine in order to purchase cannabis from dispensaries. 

Even you can walk up to a dispensary and buy cannabis. However, you have to keep in mind the social distancing protocol. Both while standing in line and at the store. Most stores have provided the staff with protective gear and cannabis stores are increasing sanitization. Not only this, but they have also limited the number of clients allowed to stand in the store. And as a canna-purchaser, you need to make sure that you are standing at least 6 feet apart from the other buyer. Wear masks only if you have a common cold or you are at greater risk of catching the virus. Most authorities believe that healthy individuals should not wear masks and watch hands often as they can. By following all these steps you will be able to buy cannabis safely. 

Opt For Curbside Pick-Ups

With the pandemic affecting millions of lives in the US, curbside deliveries have emerged as an effective way to help curb the spread of the virus. Cannabis companies are encouraging people to order cannabis products online. Patients can phone-in an order to their local and nearby dispensary offering curbside services. If they do, you will get a call or a text as soon as your order is ready. 

You can drive to the concerned dispensary. A staff member will provide you with the package after checking your identity. After verification, you can hand over cash and safely take your package. This pick-up delivery method reduces the risk of contracting the coronavirus and limits the amount of exposure working for the staff or canna-users can come across. 

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