How to get maximum pleasure and get rid of stress?


Sex and pleasure are interconnected to each other and thus go hand in hand, isn’t that so? At those moments, when we are feeling relaxed, it feels very comfortable to get in the mood for having sex, and side by side when sex is easily available to us we feel relaxed at that time as well.

However, it is not as simple as it sounds! Sometimes, we all feel stressed out and don’t want to have sex at all. At times, even the small thought of having sex can be really distressful.

That’s where the Adultscare come into the play. We are always there to assist you in both times, no matter it is the time when you are feeling distressful or it is the time when you are not feeling relaxed to have sex.

Do a lot of Sexercise

Surely you would love to hold the body of your girlfriend than to walk ploddingly down the street and hit the gym for workout session. But sex and gym has lot more in common than you think. Just like you have exercise; it releases endorphins and other mood boosting secretion of hormones.

Moreover, studies shows that masturbating and having sex during stressful moments can greatly reduce the blood pressure. 

Go to sleep on time

Are you having trouble getting to sleep? You need to stop wasting time waiting for getting in the mood of sleep, instead go to bed early on time and eventually you will feel sleepy. When you orgasm, the brain releases prolactin hormone through pituitary glands that helps you feel relax you can feel ready for sleep. There is no reason to think more about why your body tends to go to bed after a big jerking session.

In case, you feel like your sex drive is lacking, getting more sleep can effectively help you enhance the sexual desire.

Turn negative feeling into positive

If you are not feeling positive and feeling stressed out, and could not peek into the positive side of the life even if you get paid to do so, you have number of options to turn positive into negative.

No doubt, sex boosts mood and the hormones your body created when you have sex toys can totally change your mind. Naturally, after having a good lovemaking session with someone you are attracted to, you will automatically feel good for getting ready and going to spend whole day.

Cheerful couple 

 Whenever you and your lover get into fight and feeling the negative way, you can remember a particular study. A research conducted in 2017, the couples who took pleasure in sex continuously for 2 days and experienced the attraction towards each other and reported increased satisfaction going farther with 2 more weeks going like this.

Get lost in the lovely experience

For quite a good number of individuals particularly those who couple love BDSM products and xxx toys, feel positive about sex. It can be a type of joyful fantasies (in case that you’ve longing to try steamy sessions for a longer time, check out the erotic blogs on the Adultscare). 

Spending off that 9-5 time is embedded into your brand and just thinking about losing yourself in the moment can give you significant amount of break from the hassles of everyday life. 

Get enough sleep

You should be getting more sleep and proper sleep is extremely important for a healthy life. Moreover, it benefits your adult sex life as well. Furthermore, having good quality of sleep keeps your stress level at bay and builds a strong immune system.

If you are feeling tired, and depressed at the feeling of having sex, it is better to focus on getting sufficient sleep. Without having enough sleep, you will not feel good and would not like to engage in sexual activities with your partner.  It is recommended to sleep for at least 8 hours a day and this way you will feel good about having some lovemaking sessions.

It is all about the journey

We all tend to be so much obsessed with the thought of experiencing orgasms as the main goal and make unrealistic expectations about sex. When that happens we miss all the fun in the middle and do not get the change to enjoy what’s behind the table. It is better you should enjoy each moment and turn your focus towards the control of breath moments instead of focussing on squirting, hitting the g-spot and several other illogical expectations. Try using sex toys for women and men while penetrating your partner.

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