How to Know my Girlfriend is Cheating?

cheating girlfriend

Signs are not the guarantee to clear that your girlfriend is cheating you are not. But if these signs are happening again and again then it is an alarming situation. If you found the signs in your girlfriend and you are doubted from the signs she’s cheating. You would have to be careful. In this article, we will try to discuss the signs that lead to cheating.

She is contacting someone else:  

This is probably a prominent sign that indicates that your girlfriend is cheating you. If she mostly chats or text to someone else, it is obviously a cheat. It is a cheating sign to chat with some other person sitting in front of you. Instead of chatting, she may email the other person. It may occur when you are sleeping or doing work. It is a powerful sign of cheating. 

She is always busy:

Another sign she’s cheating you is that she is always on work whenever you want to take her time. Her answer is always that she is busy with her work. is she really busy or ignoring you? On what project she is working or she has got a promotion? Really interesting questions. If she does not clear the situation in a satisfying way, she is definitely cheating you. If she reacts in an outreach situation or you buy real steroids online to make perfect shape for your body she will always react negatively whenever you ask her about her busy time, start getting suspicious. It is also an alarming sign of her cheating and should be investigated.

She says “I love you” with not much pleasure:

In the early days of your relationship, there was a time when she exposed her emotions and feelings to you with great frankness. It is true love. She discussed her each and everything with you without any hesitation. But now a day, if she is loathsome to say “I love you”, she probably does not want to say it but with some experience. Her speaking style and her attitude with you is changing then it is also a sign of cheating. If she is treating you as before, then she has not got any changing in herself.

She finds the reasons for fighting:

If your girlfriend is fighting with you every time, it is also an alarming sign. She makes the reasons to make be an investigated attitude with you. She makes the questions every time like:

  • Why you are not well-dress today?
  • Tell me why you are not clean up today?

She Always fights on cooking matters. She makes the negation to music or video while traveling in a car. She complains at each and every matter. Now she does not make excuses with you at all.

She changes the topic when a special comes up:

 talking to you while sitting with you, suddenly a person comes up and she changes the topic. Either she does not want to show your discussion to him or not want to show him that you are so frank and close one. It a serious sign she’s cheating.  it might be possible that she does not want to respect you in front of him or do not ignore him in front of you. 

She keeps her phone at silent:

When your girlfriend is not with you and you do not know where she is. You make her a phone call for but she did not attend your call. When you ask the reason not to attend the call she answered her mobile was on silent mode. Besides it, when she is with you, she keeps her phone in silent mode, when a text or call comes to her you do not get to know about it. She is more careful with you than before. It is also a sign of cheating. a person who is fair and open never puts his/her phone on silent mode. 

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