4 Ways to Protect Your Eyes From Your Screen

protect your eyes

In our world completely saturated with screens, it is not uncommon to feel dryness and tingling eyes. To avoid them and to protect your eyes from blue light, a few methods exist.

Filter glasses

More and more brands are offering somewhat special rest glasses, since the glass is tinted with yellow or orange. The idea is to come and apply a filter between your eyes and the screen, so as not to let the blue light from the backlight damage your retina. There are different types and their price varies from ten euros on e-commerce sites to more than a hundred for particularly studied models. The most expensive are not necessarily the best, the main thing being to find the ones that best suit your use, you can also read the buyers guides on saim deals to select the best product for you. Be aware that more and more opticians are also offering glasses for your eyes with blue light protection. But if you’re an image professional and need the best possible color,


If you are bothered by glasses, it is often possible to apply a filter directly to the device you are using. All recent smartphones offer this feature, often called Night Mode or Night Lighting. For the active, simply scroll down the shortcut menu and find the corresponding icon. Microsoft also offers this functionality on Windows 10. If however your smartphone or computer was not equipped, it is always possible to download a dedicated application which will take care of filtering the blue light. Third-party applications often offer a few more settings, such as the ability to choose the intensity of the filter. To find one that works with your device, simply type “Blue light filter” and then your operating system (Android, Windows,

Adjust the brightness of your screen

If you are in a dark environment, be sure to adjust the brightness of your screen so as not to be dazzled. Leaving the maximum brightness without needing it unnecessarily tires your retina and can eventually lead to vision problems that can go as far as blindness after a certain age. Likewise, using a backlit screen in complete darkness is to be avoided in most cases. Still pass with a smartphone when the exposure is not prolonged, but watching a film on your computer in complete darkness is not recommended. In the same vein, remember not to stay too close to the screen, so that the intensity of the rays is not too strong.

Design your mood lighting

With the bulbs connected, it is now possible to concoct a custom lighting that does not disturb the sleep cycle. When you use your computer at night, try to do it in a room where the light is warm, in orange tones rather than blue or white. Thus, your body will naturally produce the melatonin (sleep hormone) necessary for your rest, and your sleep cycle will be respected. If you also wear filtering glasses or use the Night Mode on your screen, you will be in the best possible conditions so as not to damage your eyesight.

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