How to Recognize Quality Marijuana Seeds?

Quality Marijuana Seeds

If you are willing to grow your marijuana, this is the article to read. Harvesting good quality marijuana plants depend a lot on its seeds. How would you identify if those round brown colored pieces will grow into a fruitful, nutrient, and productive bud? For that, you will have to delve into small yet important details to capitalize on the seeds. The genetics of marijuana seeds is the deciding factor. Besides that, it will require proper nurturing. Make sure your state authorizes growing marijuana before you indulge in it.

Here are some factors to guide you in recognizing quality marijuana seeds.

Appearance and the color

First and foremost, appearance matters. Good quality marijuana seeds will have a pleasant look, which will also demarcate them to other unhealthy seeds. Superior ones are more likely to be darker in color like brown or black. Undeveloped seeds are of lighter colors like yellow or white. There are fewer chances of immature seeds to germinate or even if it does, it might take a longer time. 

Experienced growers believe that healthy seeds exhibit dark spots and patterns similar to the tiger stripes. Furthermore, if the seeds feature a healthy shine on the shell when you hold it under the light, it is of good genetics.

The Feel

The texture of seeds should be firm such that it should not break due to the pressure when you hold. Seeds that are not productive might crush when you apply a little pressure. It should be smooth to touch and have an unbroken surface. Make sure you find a variety of marijuana seeds from cannabis indica or Sativa strains with a well-protecting coat to get a productive plant from it. Your produce will be meager with tender, bendable, and vulnerable seeds. 

marijuana seeds

Size and Shape

To determine the quality of seed size and shape matters. If you can compare several seeds, the bigger ones are of better quality. Seeds having a teardrop-shape are superior. The bigger seeds have more potential to result in a full-grown into a productive plant. Immature seeds are small in size and have more or less an asymmetrical shape.      


How old the seeds are will help you determine how productive it will be. Good seeds harvest well when fully mature. Seeds collected before the full growth of the plant might affect the seed. It would result in insufficiency in nutrients. Like every natural substance, these degenerate over time. Hence grab your hands on the fresh seeds if you find them for maximum output. It is essential to harvest the seeds at a suitable time.


Size and weight are synchronous, but seeds that are weighty tend to become high-yielding than the lighter ones. As mentioned in the previous point, age degrades the quality, making it lose moisture and nutrients. Age also reduces its overall weight. So, when you buy weed online, go through the weight details before purchasing. Buy only from a trustworthy source. Seed banks having years of experience in breeding can deliver viable seeds.

Float Test

If the texture, look, or weight is not sufficient to confirm, you can conduct an easy float test to see if the seed is feasible or not. Drop a seed into a glass of distilled water and check to see if it sinks below after an hour or two. If it does the seed has the potential to develop into a fruitful plant. Discard the ones which float even after a couple of hours. It is a convenient way to identify good genetics. Good quality marijuana seeds will sink, although it will take some time to absorb the water. When the seed soaks in the moisture, it enters the protective membrane and indicates that it is ready to breed.         


If stored properly, marijuana seeds are useful even after a decade. Once you find genetically potential seeds that are 12-18 months old, the storage of these contributes to how well it can grow. Remember to store the seeds in a cool and dark place to avoid decay. Try gathering some additional information on how to preserve marijuana seeds for a longer duration. 


The cost factor is where you will have to negotiate and cooperate if you need quality. Seeds with great genetics will not come cheap. If you are a beginner stay alert from any hoax assertion on good quality seeds on sale. The cost also depends on the strain you wish to purchase. Those with higher qualities are more likely to be of higher cost.  


The ability to judge quality marijuana seeds will prevent you from purchasing unusable or unproductive ones. Also, remember to avoid buying from black market dealers as most of them have no idea about its source. Take help from advanced growers before you decide what to buy.       

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