How to Select Wine for Your Special Occasion?

Select Wine

Wine is a vital part of any event. “Drinking great wine with great food following after some admirable people is one of life’s most enlightened delights,” notes Michael Broadbent, British Master of Wine and pundit.

Choosing the appropriate for your occasion might appear overwhelming with such countless assortments. Before approaching your closest sommelier, Messina’s Catering and Events gives a few ideas to simplify your occasion arranging. Get 30% Off using the Pure Wine Discount Code.

Spending plan

Wines have a massive swath of evaluation. The primary part of choosing is guaranteeing that it squeezes into your occasion financial plan. When you decide your spending, work with your food provider to choose wines in a suitable value range. Will there be free drinks, wine, and lager, wine just or simply a champagne toast?

Wine Menu Pairing

While picking wines, remembering your catering menu is significant. The familiar saying of red going just with steak and red pasta sauce, while white works with chicken and fish are obsolete in blending wine and food, center instead of around balance.

More extravagant, heartier food sources function admirably with heavier and more mind-boggling, similar to sheep cleaves or chicken marsala matched with a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon.

Or on the other hand, the intricacy of a white fish, for example, cod finished off with a piccata sauce, offsets pleasantly with a fresh Chardonnay. The heaviness of food is not set in stone by the fat, regardless of whether it is in the kind of meat, cooking technique, flavors, or sauce.

Assessing the heaviness of wine depends on liquor content, shading, and grape – the more exceptional of every component, the more full-bodied it will be.

Straightforward Selections

At times, picking just one assortment of red, white, and a shining or rosé improves occasion arranging and fulfills visitors similarly. For white wine, go with light and new like a Sauvignon Blanc. For red, pick fruity one and light like a Pinot Noir.

Rosé has turned into an all-year wine pattern with light and fruity prevalence. To add some effervescent, select champagne or prosecco that is gentle and not excessively dry. These varietals have an expansive allure and pair well with a wide cluster of food.

Luxurious dinner

If you arrange a refined undertaking with a luxurious dinner, wine can assume an essential part. A broad scope of wine can be served for the rich six-course feast, including appetizers, soup, starter, salad, main course, and sweet.

Think about blending an alternate wine for each class. Work with your caterer to match each course with an alternate wine that supplements one another. Consider wines neighborhood to your locale or deal a worldwide assortment in light of your menu choices. Your visitors will be submerged in a genuine gastronomic encounter.


Is there an exceptional topic, or is the event occasional? Match the wine likewise for a tomfoolery wind. Maybe you are facilitating your occasion in October with a Think Pink subject on the side of bosom disease research. Your caterer can serve pink shaded food combined with a bubbly Rosé. Christmas allures treat sticks. Accordingly, glasses of red and white varietals upgrade the look and feel of the party. Is your occasion a BBQ slam?

A good Cabernet combines steak; Zinfandel mixes with burgers, Malbec with hotdogs, and Chardonnay draws out the zing in BBQ chicken. Think “all-white” for Summer soirées and serve your beloved white wines and sparling assortments including Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, and Prosecco.


The central part of joining wine into your occasion is to ensure that you appreciate it. Pick a wine that you understand, and need to drink. Messina’s Catering and Events likewise prompt that it is essential for the cooking menu, assuming you have a most loved wine. Regardless of whether the wine is from your favored winery, a particular jug that holds an extraordinary memory, or one that you recently tested and cherished, it has a place at your occasion.

Messina’s Catering and Events have been matching food and wines and catering excellent occasions in New Orleans for more than 58 years. Investigate our providing food menu or visit our blog for additional catering patterns and thoughts.

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