How to Gain Weight Fast and Safely

gain weight

Although there are more and more people who want to lose weight, there are still many people who want to gain weight. Whether they want to look strong, to improve the performance of sports competitions, or to improve their self-confidence, they must grasp in principle:

Sufficient Heat

Contrary to weight loss, people who want to gain weight must consume more calories than they consume, and excess calories can be used to grow muscle and adipose tissue. Generally, men consume about 2,000 calories per day, and women are about 1800 calories. If you exercise regularly, you will consume 300-500 calories per day. That is, if you are a regular male, you should take about every day. 3000 cards, while women are about 2800 cards, will have a specific weight gain effect.

Balanced Nutrition

This is the most important part of weight gain. Ample protein can provide the raw material for synthesizing muscle. It is full of various vitamins and minerals to maintain normal function and growth. Sugar and fat provide the heat needed for growth and movement. 50-60% of the calories should come from sugars such as rice, noodles, and bread. Take 3,000 cards per day as an example. 1500-1800 cards should come from sugar, equal to 375-450 grams, most of which can come from 5-7 bowls of rice. One bowl of rice can be replaced with two bowls of noodles or four slices of toast; The sugar comes from fruits and vegetables.

20-30% of the calories come from protein, equal to 600-900 calories, 150-225 grams, a piece of cooked meat that is about the size of a poker card contains about 30-35 grams of protein, and a large cup of milk about 8-10 grams. A half cup of various types of beans contain about 6-8 grams. Every day, about 3-4 pieces of poker-sized meat, two large cups of milk, plus a variety of beans, you can get enough protein.

The other calories come from oils and fats, and they don’t need to be ingested because they have cooking oil and other foods, especially meat. Fruits and vegetables are very important but often overlooked foods. Although they provide limited calories, the vitamins and minerals they contain are very important for the function and growth of the body. Every day, ‘at least’ needs 3 kinds of vegetables, preferably dark vegetables, and 2 kinds of fruits, which can be increased by 1-2 each. If the intake of vitamins or minerals is insufficient, even if there is sufficient heat, the optimal weight gain effect cannot be achieved.


Exercise can promote muscle growth, increase appetite, and eat enough calories. And if you only eat or not exercise, the extra heat will be converted into fat and stored, it will not become muscle, just gain weight. All sports have similar effects, but the degree of stimulation of muscle growth varies. Systemic or mainly using the movement of the leg muscles, such as basketball, swimming, tennis running, etc., is better than using only a small part of the muscles.

The most effective exercise to stimulate muscle growth is weight training (fitness) because it provides extra load on the muscles and the muscles grow to cope with these additional challenges. When doing weight training, you must take into account the muscles of the main parts of the body, including the biceps, triceps, chest muscles, abdominal muscles, anterior thigh muscles, hind leg muscles, and calves, etc., in order to achieve balanced development of the whole body muscles, Achieve maximum stimulation of muscle growth.

For some people, weight training can be a bit boring and can interact with the sport you are interested in while achieving entertainment and weight gain. Daily exercise, including weight training 2-3 times a week, is absolutely necessary for weight gain.

Diet plan

Plan how much food you eat in a day, divide it into meals, and ensure adequate nutrients and calories. This requires some experimentation, such as whether you can eat enough food in three meals, whether you want to eat snacks or stay up all night, what to eat. For example, you can bring an apple or orange as a snack in the afternoon, or make a sandwich to spend the night. If you eat outside at noon, it is not easy to eat vegetables. At home, you have to find a way to make up your meal. 

What if I can’t eat so much food?

The above recipes may be too much for some people, or do not like the feeling of swelling of the stomach, you can eat 4-5 meals a day, in addition to three meals, plus snacks or stay up late, although one day eats The total amount of food is the same, but it does not feel like eating too much. In addition, you can drink more juices such as juice and milk, but have high nutritional and caloric value, so you don’t feel full, but you can increase your calorie intake. Dim sum can choose dried fruits such as peanuts, walnuts, raisins, or fruit.

Can any food be eaten more?

Although people who want to gain weight need to increase calorie intake, it does not mean that they can eat and drink without fear, and that no snack can be eaten as much as possible. The goal is to increase the ‘heavy’ rather than increase the ‘fat’. I hope to increase the muscles instead of the fat. It is still necessary to avoid foods with high fat content, because the fat that is eaten will not be converted into muscles, only protein. . Eat less fried food, too fat meat, all kinds of candy, biscuits, artichokes are not good snacks, although they provide sugar, but also contain a lot of fat, and almost no vitamins and mines substance.

How do you eat and eat fat?

Some people have more innate metabolic functions and consume more calories than ordinary people, so it is more difficult to gain weight. But another important reason is that some nutrients are not enough. As I mentioned before, sufficient vitamins and minerals have an absolute effect on muscle growth, and there must be enough essential amino acids to provide muscle synthesis. All in all, most of the weight is determined by congenital inheritance and childhood nutrition, but the acquired and balanced nutrition, coupled with moderate exercise, can still get a good weight gain effect.

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