What weed did the Weed delivery app get you?

Uber for Weed

If you are reading this blog, we know you mean business. You know the extreme kaleidoscope of joy that a mind can experience when under the influence of the beauty of weed. Weed delivery apps today have made it easier for the people to get their choicest of weed delivered to their doorstep whenever they want.

Having an Uber for weed is almost like living in a utopian world. You have all the joys of the world put in a bundle and delivered to you right where you want it. But do you know what the delivery boy is delivering to you?

Can you tell good weed from bad? Or do you just assume because you’ve been using an app, the weed must be good? Well, if you’ve been blind spliff lover, then there is no sin worse than actually smoking a joint without knowing what the product is.


So, in order to help you identify which bud is what kind, here’s a few things that you can take a look at. However, make sure you try to tell the difference before you have actually hit the high!

What are the different strains of weed?

There are 4 major strains of weed that the whole world enjoys:

  • Sattiva
  • Indica
  • Ruderalis
  • Hybrid

While all of the above have a good capacity to make the user happily high, the most popular ones are definitely Sattiva and Indica.


If you want to understand their existence on a geographical way, then note that sativa is predominantly available in Brazil, South America, Mexico, and Venezuela, Peru on the west and Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea on the east. Indica is essentially found in the north western part of India and Ruderalis can be found in southern parts of Russia and Mongolia.


If you were to compare the high that Sativa and Indica give then you can get it very easily. The distinction is phenomenally clear. Sativa is an upper. It makes your mind slightly elevated. It lightens you up.

On the other hand, Indica is a downer. It will make you physically more relaxed and at peace. It’s the kind of joint that you want at the end of a tiring day. The difference between the high that the two give is very clear.


So, the Leaf of a Sativa plant will have 9 leaves. And an Indica plant will have 7 leaves. It is the typical caricature of the marijuana that we are so used to associating with Bob Marley! It is beautiful and glossy. The color of the Indica bud is glossier and greener while the Sativa leaf is slightly darker and thicker.

The buds at the final stage too look quite different. A Sattiva bud is not dense at all. It is “fluffy” and scanty in a way. So, when you look at a bag of Sattiva, it should look over full or definitely like you’ve gotten more than you paid. There are beautiful wisps in the Sattiva bud and they definitely appear to be taller. Indica buds are a whole different ball game. They are dense, thickly packed and definitely have a sense of being heavier. They also look crispier for some reason.

Uber for Weed

Now that you know which looks like what, make sure that every time you use a weed delivery app, you make a note of what you are buying and how it looks!

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