pack alcohol

People love to drink and people love to travel. But sometimes, buying alcohol at the new place can be an expensive affair. This is why we recommend that you pack your alcohol with you when you have to go somewhere.

Having troubles in packing a glass bottle and leaving it with your luggage? Well, here is the perfect way to pack your Alcohol so that you never crack another bottle or spill all that goodness on your other clothes.

Check Steps to pack Alcohol

Step one

The first step is to choose the right bag. Sometimes, we like to “travel light” but think of it as taking a small bag. The bag size has to be big enough so that all your things can come in it comfortably. The moment you have to sit on that suitcase to shut it, you are doing something wrong.

Step Two

Now that you have your bag in place, lay out all the items that need to go with you along with the bottle of booze. Now laying this on a flat surface will give you an idea of its dimensions. You can see whether it is realistic to put these items in the chosen bag. If you think it is small, get rid of it and pick another bag. If not, move on to the next step.

Step three

Roll your bottle in bubble wrap or foam sheet. This is crucial. No matter how many sweaters or jeans you think you can wrap around your bottle, it is not safe until it has at least one layer of the foam sheet or bubble wrap.

If you believe in being safer than sorry, be liberal with that layer and go ahead and keep 2 or 3 layers for added protection.


Step four

Now that the bottle is secure, start layering your suitcase. For this, you must add a layer of sturdy clothes at the bottom. This includes jackets or jeans. Next, you put all the soft layers on top of the sturdy layers. All your t-shirts, tops and shirts go here. Now, place your bottle carefully in the middle of the bag.

Make sure there is a margin from all sides as well as the top and bottom. Now put your shoes at the bottom of the bottle, so that when you hold your bag upright, it can rest on the shoe itself rather than hitting the bottom of the bag or the floor.

Step five

At this point, your bag should look pretty full. It is now time to arrange everything that is left around the bottle. Once that is done, you put in the last layer on top of everything covering the whole set up. You can use a thick towel for this.

That’s it! Just zip it up and be on your way to a wonderful journey.

However, in case you don’t want to go through so much trouble and if you are the carefree type, then throw caution to the wind and just go for alcohol on demand apps. You can download these apps that will ensure that you can get the choice of your alcohol delivered to your doorstep whenever you want it!

Wherever you are, Alcohol delivery app will serve you with the best options to make your trip and your stay absolutely memorable and totally boozy!

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