Invisalign clear aligners – the latest craze in correcting orthodontic flaws

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Invisalign is a cutting-edge technology to straighten the teeth which has literally revolutionised the approach to orthodontic correction of misalignment of the teeth and the jaws. Before the introduction of this amazing teeth straightening technology, we were used to those fixed metal braces which had shiny metal wires and brackets hanging from the mouth. Those conventional appliances were no doubt unbelievably effective in correcting misalignment and malocclusion of the teeth and the jaws, but caused a lot of embarrassment especially after one attained a certain age. In contrast to that Invisalign London offers a procedure to correct your orthodontic issues without causing any fuss or embarrassment regarding your treatment.

Unlike the traditional braces system, Invisalign uses a series of clear transparent aligner trays to straighten your teeth or bring the jaws into correct alignment. The tiny aligners smoothly glide into your mouth and remain virtually invisible on the teeth. These aligner trays exert calculated yet gentle pressure on your teeth and the jaws to bring them into correct alignment over a period of time. In easier words Invisalign is an easier and more convenient means to correct orthodontic misalignment issues. Because of the inconspicuous nature of this treatment it is also known as discreet transformation to the teeth. In the following paragraphs of the post let us explore this revolutionary orthodontic treatment in details.

Invisalign – a complete innovative procedure to correct crowding and malocclusions

Conventional metal braces that remain fixed to your teeth throughout the entire course of your treatment are more prominent and conspicuous to involuntarily broadcast your treatment to the world. Those train track brackets and wires made from shiny metal are a major reason of embarrassment for a large number of patients especially adults explains an orthodontist who handles a large number of Invisalign patients in London throughout the year. 

Invisalign – on the other hand – is made from high grade thermoplastic. These tiny aligner trays are clear, smooth and transparent in appearance and when you wear the appliance on your teeth it easily blends with your smile. Invisalign aligners remain virtually invisible inside your mouth and provide a thoroughly discreet treatment to transform both your teeth and smile. As a result this treatment does not cause embarrassment unlike traditional braces and rather boosts morale and self reliance among individuals. 

More comfort and ease of use  

Invisalign aligners are made from clear transparent thermoplastic. This enables the range of appliances to move your teeth into correct alignment discreetly. Until and unless you voluntarily disclose about your treatment there is no way one can guess about it even while watching you close and upfront day in and day out. This discretion offers much convenience to patients. Because of the smooth thermoplastic there is zero poking and scraping of the appliance on the soft tissues of the mouth. Compared to traditional braces these clear plastic aligner trays gently embrace your teeth without causing any irritation, inconvenience or the feeling of sharp edges in your mouth. Invisalign trays are capable to provide more controlled and calculated pressure on the teeth to slide them into correct alignment over a period of time.   

No dietary restriction and other conveniences 

There is no dietary restriction for Invisalign patients which is pretty unlike the case with traditional braces. You can take out the removable trays from the teeth whenever you want and wear them back again on your own. This is the reason why there is no need to impose any kind of dietary restriction during your Invisalign journey. You can just slide the appliances out of the teeth to enjoy your favourite dish or drink and then wear it back in place when your treat is over. The same goes for brushing and flossing the teeth to maintain optimum oral hygiene explains one of the best Invisalign experts in London. You slide out the aligner trays from the teeth and carry on with your normal oral hygiene regimen like brushing and flossing. It is relevant to mention in this context that maintaining optimum oral hygiene is always a major challenge for people who choose traditional fixed braces to correct any orthodontic problem.

More conveniences under your reach!

Easily removable aligner trays in form of Invisalign open up a world of possibilities for you. If there is a special event or occasion you can easily pop out the appliance from the teeth and show your unbraced smile. If there is a vital meeting at office or an important presentation to deliver, you can be rest assured the clear transparent aligner trays to stay virtually invisible inside your mouth. You can speak and smile as much as you want and yet no one will be able to identify the tiny, clear, transparent appliances sitting on your teeth. Considering all these factors it is never an exaggeration to say Invisalign opens up a world of possibilities.

You must be committed to your treatment

The discreet transformation of your teeth and the smile that Invisalign offers seems to work like magic. However the magic only works when you are fully committed and comply with your treatment. If there is any gap in your commitment or you fail to comply with the basic rule of the treatment then there will be no success story for you to share warns a dentist skilled in Invisalign treatment near me. What is the rule to comply with the treatment? It is pretty simple – you must wear your custom fitted aligner trays at least 20 to 22 hours a day. This is everything that Invisalign expects from each and every patient. If you cannot comply with this expectation then this cutting-edge orthodontic treatment is certainly not for you.

Complying with the 20 to 22 hours deadline of wearing the retainers every day is initially difficult but not at all impossible. You require little dedication and commitment throughout the first few weeks and then it becomes easier to follow through for the rest of the period of your treatment.    These days, Invisalign proves friendlier for the pocket although the treatment cost has not gone down by any chance. Considering the overwhelming popularity of the treatment a large number of dental surgeries across the United Kingdom offer easy finance option. The total cost of our treatment is spread across a period of 10, 12 or even 24 months. Bayswater Dental Clinic in London shows a stunning track record in handling these cases. Feel free to get in touch with the practice now and book your customary initial consultation.