Learn What Experts Have To Say about the IVF Infertility Treatment

ivf infertility treatment

When we talk about infertility, the first thing that comes to the mind is the depression and stress of the couples. There is nothing frustrating than facing every month’s disappointment of not able to conceive. Fortunately, we have a number of fertility treatments that can increase the chances of the conception of the infertile couples. One of such treatments is IVF infertility. In scientific terms, an egg is combined with the sperm in a test tube outside the body in a fertilization process. There are a number of people preferred Fertility Clinic Montreal so that they can conceive.

However, many people who do not know much about this process and they hesitate to go further.  Right from success rate to the entire process, there is a long list of things about which couples do not get the right information. This makes them confused whether they should go for IVF or not.

To clear this confusion, here is what experts say about this entire fertility treatment. Let us have a close look at them:

About success rate

According to the fertility experts, IVF’s success rate is dependent on many different factors. No doctor or fertility specialist can assure you 100 percent success of the treatment. The probable result of this treatment can get affected with couple’s age, type of infertility problem and previous miscarriages. Lifestyle is also an important factor that has the ability to impact the success rate of IVF.

In the latest reports of fertility clinics, it has been found that you are needed to do these things in order to increase the success rate and chances of conception during the treatment.

  • Maintaining a proper weight and healthy lifestyle
  • Optimizing sperm healthy by including a healthy diet
  • Reduce stress by regular exercise and yoga sessions
  • Make sure, you are having an adequate amount of vitamin D
  • Quick smoking as it directly affects the success rate of IVF.

Is it a painful process?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions, which fertility experts must have heard about several times from the patients. Every patient has different body structure, which makes him or her to feel or not to feel the pain. While undergoing IVF Treatment Centre, there are times when the patients have to experience physical discomfort. However, your specialists will explain to you what is going to happen at every step of the procedure. Let us have a look at the process to clear about the misconceptions of the patients about the pain:

Egg retrieval:

During the process of egg retrieval, the patient may get uncomfortable because of the needle that will go inside to take the eggs out. This might fear them about the pain. However, there is the reason for fear, as there will be no pain in it. This process is performed under anesthesia so there is no chance of pain. After eggs retrieval, the patients can experience mild cramps that too only for some time. Yes, physical discomfort and side effect like slight bloating can also be felt. 

Embryo transfer:

Transferring embryo to the uterus can also appear scary to the patients. However, there is no need to worry at all, as the experienced hands are doing this with complete care. Though you will not experience any severe pain, it might cause of physical discomfort and emotional pain. If there will be an unsuccessful cycle then it will cause you emotional pain.

Cost of the IVF process

Many people find this entire treatment costly and some think clinics overcharge them. As per the experts, the cost is considered the decisive factor when it comes to choosing IVF. Therefore, it is always advised to ask your doctor about the total cost of the process. Fertility experts will break the price of an IVF treatment of one cycle into different steps that will be easy to understand.

The cost of the treatment is decided on many influencing factors. Let us find out those factors:

  • Cost of tests in the laboratory: Before the IVF treatment executive, couples will be tested with AMH and semen analysis in order to find out the exact content in the body.
  • Ultrasound costs: In IVF and many other treatments, ultrasound plays an important role. Right from egg retrieval to embryo transfer, there will be need for performing ultrasounds. Along with this, ovary size, endometrial thickness, follicle count and structure of uterus are also detected through an ultrasound.
  • Cost of medications and injections: Right from ovarian stimulation to egg retrieval, you will be given with a number of medicines and injection to boost your ovulation and increase the number of follicles.
  • Anesthesia and embryo freezing cost: The process of egg retrieval is performed under anesthesia by the anesthesiologist. So, this cost also gets included in the total cost of IVF. If you are opting for embryo freezing then you have to pay extra for it.
  • OT charges: Doctor’s fee, nursing charge and OT charge are also included in the total cost of IVF.

One of the important factors that you must consider when undergoing IVF treatment is the selection of the clinic. Most of the times, couples do not research about the clinics and doctors and end up with unsuccessful treatments. Experts say that you must gather reviews and information about the clinic prior to making appointments. Apart from this, it is also important to know about the team of doctors or fertility specialists in the clinic. Make a prior meeting to the doctors ask about your queries is also advised to the couples. If anyone in your family or friend circle has visited any fertility expert then take suggestions from him or her.


For IVF treatment, you need to be physically, financial and mentally stable. All these above-mentioned things must be kept in mind by the couples whenever undergoing the fertility treatment. Choose the right platform to have the best and quality based treatment. The expert doctors and staff have catered many patients as of now and they are quite satisfied and happy.

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