Knowing when you should have knee replacement surgery

knee replacement surgery

Confused regarding when to opt for knee replacement? Let us help you out with this article. Does your knee joint ache when you hike, walk, or sitting down? The first thing to do is to consult a doctor to get the best treatment options. Knee replacement is also known as knee arthroplasty and is a prevalent surgery nowadays. However, the decision to have surgery is a personal one, and it is very much important for you to know when the right time to have a knee replacement surgery is.

Understanding the condition of your knee before knee replacement

Knee replacement is the last option for several patients to get rid of the problems they face in daily activities. In many cases, doctors treat knee-related issues with more conservative methods before knee replacement. Some conservative treatments include injections, physical therapy, medications as well as other non-surgical procedures. Some surgeons also tell patients to lose their weight before the surgery as it will help them to improve knee pain. In several severe cases, the doctor will need more aggressive treatment and i.e., knee replacement. 

The right time for knee replacement 

Long-lasting pain

In case you are experiencing lasting knee pain in spite of all medications, all conservative treatment options, then you should know that now it is the right time to get your knee. In about 90 percent of cases after knee replacement surgery patients, the pain goes away.


 If arthritis is interfering in your day to day activities, then you should opt for a knee replacement. If you find it difficult to sleep, walk, work, then you should understand that it is the right time for a replacement.

Swollen or stiff knees

If you experience stiffness and swollen knee joint, then you should choose total knee replacement surgery. It is the only way to remove such damaged and inflamed tissue inside your knee that is the main reason for this swelling and stiffness.

 Knee injury

In case you experience knee injury, and your lead is deformed, or else if in case you were born with, you should understand that surgery is the only option to get fit. Knee replacement will help you to repair damaged and deformed knee joints.

Pain in knee when you rest

If you experience pain in your knee joint while on resting position, it is the time to have surgery .also if pain while running, walking and using knee joint gets worse then you should consult your knee surgeon immediately.

Need to stay physically active

If you want to stay physically active for an extended period of time, then the best option is a knee replacement. An artificial joint can last for about 15 to 25 years, and it is the best option for those who love skiing, hiking, and adventurous activities. 

Get rid of the pain

Knee replacement is best if you want long-lasting relief from pain as for nine out of ten patients artificial knee joint works very well. It will depend upon your age and your activity level that how your knee joint will work.   

Knee replacement surgery cost in India 

Knee replacement surgery cost in India ranges from USD 4000 to USD 6000 for Single Knee and from USD 8400 to USD 12000 for both knees. this cost comprises US FDA approved implants. However, with an Indian implant, the cost is lowered by about 30 percent. Along with it, the cost of revision knee replacement is about 30 to 40 percent higher as it also counts extra process of removing as well as dressing the previous implant. the success rate of knee replacement surgery is 100 however many people take about three months to recover fully after the surgery, and in some cases, it can also take six months or a year to do their regular activities. The recovery after knee replacement surgery entirely depends upon many factors, including the patient’s age, other health problems, and how strong was a patient’s knee before the surgery.

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