Types of Laser Rejuvenation for Skin Treatment!

Laser Rejuvenation

Laser rejuvenation is a non-surgical method used in cosmetology. This method is based on the launch of a natural mechanism of cell renewal and growth. Its essence is in a kind of polishing of tissues during heating, which is created using a laser beam. As a result, the skin becomes taut, elastic, and deal with age-related changes. The procedure belongs to the safest, most reliable plastic cosmetology and gives the desired result.

Moreover, laser rejuvenation requires a careful and responsible approach. With the help of this, you can remove age spots, wrinkles and correct areas that have been sagging. While carrying out the procedure, doctors precisely set all the parameters that allow you to configure the necessary temperature regime and the depth of laser beam penetration. 

Laser rejuvenationis a kind of collective term that can be divided into several types. Each procedure has its own characteristics. So, let’s have a look at the following:

Table of Content

  • Fractional Ablative Rejuvenation
  • Laser Biorevitalization
  • Non-ablative Rejuvenation
  • Peeling
  • DOT (Dermal Optical Thermolysis)
  • Depilation
  • Fractional Photorejuvenation

Fractional Ablative Rejuvenation

A common technique of cosmetologically manipulation. This is a type of exposure in which the beam penetrates to a considerable depth but limited areas of the skin are processed. With the implementation of facial ablative rejuvenation, it removes very micro-single defects of the skin. A large number of defects requires a course (about 6-7 sessions). To affect the problem pointwise, a laser is used that is capable of delicately doing manipulation. 

The Fractional Ablative rejuvenation treats fine and deep wrinkles, scar revision and superficial skin lesions. It is primarily used for the correction of moderate to deep wrinkles. This laser delivers micro fractional columns of laser light to the top layers of the skin.

Laser Biorevitalization

Laser biorevitalization is also capable of prolonging youthful skin. It is a non-injection laser procedure in which hyaluronic acid molecules resonate with a therapeutic laser. The technique provides an opportunity to effectively and painlessly remove deep wrinkles and old scars without resorting to plastic surgery.

This procedure is carried out by means of short-term pulses that remove the upper layer of the epidermis. The manipulation is designed to accelerate the division of cell units, start the formation of collagen, which will help restore the skin at skin cancer clinic in canberra. In this, a special type of laser is used for it, called low-intensity infrared. 

Non-ablative Rejuvenation

The procedure is characterized by the use of long laser beams. A rejuvenation will be achieved not only with the elimination of age-related changes but also with the treatment of acne, scars and age spots. In this procedure, the erbium cosmetic laser is used. 

Laser rays do not damage the epidermis but pass through it and pointwise heating up collagen in the depths of the skin. It further tightens the skin. The advantage of this method is a minimum rehabilitation period, maintaining the integrity of the epidermis and eliminate the possibility of infection and inflammation.

Laser Peeling

Laser peeling is one of the ways to rejuvenate your face. This is a deep exposure for which different types of radiation are used. The most popular carboxide laser. It acts on the skin through a mask previously applied to it containing carbon microparticles. The beam penetrates the skin quite deeply, destroying old cells and stimulating the formation of new collagen. 

This procedure is effective for eliminating dead particles on the surface layer. If cold peeling is used, then the laser beam acts only on the surface layers of the skin, without heating the underlying structures. Hot peeling due to heating of the deep layers leads to skin tightening and accelerated regeneration of nearby living cells. 

DOT (Dermal Optical Thermolysis)

A kind of fractional processing, which is carried out in the area around the eyes, mainly with the use of an erbium laser. Its rays have a shallower depth of penetration, act on the skin surface. 

This method is used to remove imperfections of the skin around the eyes. Depth penetration is not required in this case. Therefore, an erbium laser beam is used to carry out the manipulation. It acts on the skin tissue pointwise.


For various reasons, including hormonal medications and age-related changes, hair grows on different parts of the face. Laser facial hair removal is a procedure in which light energy is converted into heat, destroying the hair follicles and cells that feed them. The laser is able to remove hair above the upper lip and on the chin. 

Fractional Photorejuvenation

This therapy is designed to improve the elasticity and tone of the skin, as well as give them freshness. The procedure has won the recognition of doctors due to the absence of complications as this factor in cosmetology is one of the most significant. This technique is simple and safe. Patients who prefer laser photothermolysis receive the following results like the reduction of pores on the face, uniformity and natural skin color, correction of age-related changes, elimination of vascular networks, correction of age spots, and skin softness. 

To Summarize!

Depending on the procedure performed, the effect lasts from 6 months to several years.  Laser rejuvenation is an excellent method to eliminate various skin defects and forget about age-related changes. Each person will be able to choose the right one based on the goals that he/she wants to achieve. You can choose a procedure in consultation with a cosmetologist who will examine the skin and tell you better options for correcting problems.

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