Life of a Lisbon Escort: Where the End Takes Us


Sabrina wasn’t much different than any other 19-year-old girl, attending school at Lisbon escort a prestigious university.  Coming in on a scholarship isn’t always the easiest thing to do. It pays for basic needs, to be sure, but if you’ve ever spent time on a campus, you’re more than aware that there’s more to school than just housing and books. The social hierarchy that exists within any University’s structure requires a certain amount of money and free time, which is almost impossible to juggle with a full course load and a standard job as well. Rubbing elbow with kids that are backed by thousands of pounds worth of trust funds, and zero hours of extracurricular life obligations, can not only be defeated but pretty impossible.

While lamenting this tragic reality to one of her flatmates, Sabrina was introduced to the fascinating world of being a Lisbon escort. Great money, flexible hours, and a guaranteed nightlife in one of Portugal’s hottest, and safest, cities seemed like a dream come true. Fast forward the clock ten years later and Sabrina tells us what it is she actually learned from being one of Lisbon’s favorite escorts.

“I never finished University. I think, that we tend to tell ourselves when faced with a really stereotypical life decision, that it somehow won’t affect us in that way. That we will, against all odds, find a way to break the mold and do something different from what everyone else has done. It’s a nice lie, a really comforting one, but that’s what it is- just a lie we tell ourselves to make us feel better about the choices we are faced with.”

“I never really felt like I had a real choice in the matter. I had very little money. My family is in no way wealthy, nor have they ever been. I was getting really depressed; sleeping all the time, losing focus in class. I had no friends. My flatmates would go out during the days or on weekends, go dancing, meet people.

They had a really beautiful balance between the university and social life. It seemed to be was the key to unlocking that balance was money. I knew that if I had money, I could go with them, do the things they did, while still focusing on studies. I got a part-time job at a small clothing store, but where it afforded me an income, it consumed any extra hours that I had to use the money to go out. It was at this point that my flatmate explained to me that she had been in a similar position during her first year of university. This struck me because she seemed the most balanced of all of us. She received excellent marks, she had a quiet job working nights, she had plenty of extra money… “

“She then told me that her secret was that she was a Lisbon escort and she only worked. When she wanted, and for who she wanted, and the rest of the time, her life was her own. And she was so confident and secure. I wanted to be just like her & started escorting and I loved it. I loved the people I got to meet, the parties I got to attend, the money, the gifts. I quickly realized that I loved the people and the parties far more than I loved anything else. So I stopped hanging out with my friends almost completely and dropped out of school.

The money was superb, but I still don’t believe that was my favorite part of escorting. I think what really spoke to me at that time was that I never had to be myself. I was always so eager to be whatever it was that my clients or their friends wanted me to be. Well, I think a part of myself was ashamed of who I was, and was happiest being someone else’s version of me.”

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“I haven’t done any escorting in a little over three years. Sometimes it can be really overwhelming, knowing that my life is completely up to who I am and who I want to be. That every mistake I make is solely my own, and can’t be blamed on a bad customer or manager. All the relationships- both romantic and platonic, are mine alone to manage. That I have to give these people myself, not just what I think they want and hope that they stay for that. I think it’s surprisingly difficult and vulnerable to exist in this world in a natural way.

It also has some incredible parts to it as well, because it is all up to me. I really enjoy working hard for something and seeing the product of that hard work come to me. I love sharing my true self with others and having them enjoy it & make a connection with who I am. I’m definitely still not wealthy, but even that has some really wonderful parts to it. I think that I enjoy extravagances more now. Like going out has become something really special. Getting a new pair of shoes, or a new dress is very exciting. I appreciate what I have and what I can have more.”

“Would I go back and change my choice to escort? No, I don’t think I would at all. I don’t think that I could be where I am now, with the convictions that I have, had I not escorted. And I really love who I am, even when it’s scary. The only thing I would change would be dropping out of school. But I am changing that and I’m set to graduate next fall. So becoming a Lisbon escort wasn’t a choice that I am ashamed of, nor one that I would ever repeat. But it’s something that has come to have a really positive effect on my life. And I wouldn’t change that for the world.”