Is It Possible to Have lung Transplant Surgery in India?

lung transplant surgery


Lung transplant is a possible cure for a respiratory disorder that affects the functioning of the lungs adversely. If we consider the scenario before two decades, there were only 50% chances that the lung transplant can be successful. Considering the present situation; the success ratio of lung transplant is more than 75 % across the globe.

Now, if we consider the treatment in India, it is not only possible to avail the Lung Treatment in India, but it is highly successful too. More than 90% of lung surgeries in the country are thriving. 

 Over 65 % of the patients below the age of 45 years live approximately for five years. And the patients who survive the initial five years of the treatment without complications, have 80% chances to live apparently for ten years.

However, the life improvement of the patient after the surgery highly depends on their overall medical health. The patient who does not suffer any health disorder in other organs of the body, have higher chances of living and lower risks.

Overview of Lung Transplant in India:

The surgeons in India, proceed with lung transplantation, only after considering the following factors:

  • Evaluating or in-depth study of the reports of the patient shared by the doctor
  • Performs several tests on the patient including the blood tests and imaging test
  • Consultation from a pulmonologist, if it is safe to perform a transplant on the patient
  • Confirm that the patient is suffering from end-stage lung diseases and he will receive benefits from the lung transplantation
  • Review of the entire medical profile of the patient to decide on transplantation and check for risks.

Once the surgeon is satisfied with all the evaluation and analysis reports of the patient, he discusses the treatment procedure with the patient and details about further proceedings.

The patient is clearly told about his roles and responsibilities to make the treatment successful. If the patient does not follow the instructions, the transplant may fail.

The first and foremost thing is to quit smoking and drinking habits. Without the precautions, there is no benefit of undergoing the treatment. For the success of lung transplant, a patient has to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The surgeons in India perform lung transplant surgeries on patients with the following lung disorders:

  • Irreversible pulmonary hypertension, both primary and secondary
  • End-stage lung diseases
  • Have issues with breathing
  • Disfunctioning of RV
  • Someone who cannot qualify six-minute walk test

Final Words:

Lung transplant is one of the most complicated and expensive surgeries. But, if you opt for treatment in India, there are least chances of post-treatment side-effects. Also, Lung Transplant Price in India is low. 

In short, we can say that all the conditions to undertake treatment in India are favorable. It is because India has all the necessary medical facilities. No matter we talk about the availabilities in hospital, use of equipment, ease of getting a medical visa, the success of transplant or the guidance provided by pharmaceutical tourism companies.

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