Medicinal Smoking: A glimmer of hope


However, it would be really nice if we could all just take a step back and try to see all the health benefits (YES BENEFITS) of cigarette smoking.

Shocked, aren’t you? Well yes. For as long as cigarette production and sales can be looked back on, the cigarette has proved to be quite helpful in a lot of areas for human beings. Apart from lifting the spirits and reducing the stress levels in people, cigarettes are also responsible for saving a lot of people from getting into depression.

Medicinal Smoking

Why do so many people smoke a cigarette?

Hasn’t it ever bothered you that in spite of knowing all the health hazards associated with a little cigarette the number of smokers in the world is increasing every single day? This is because somewhere people have felt that the euphoria that a simple smoke can give to a person is worth taking a bit of a risk.

I am not an advocate of living on the edge. Nor do I endorse smoking vehemently. But I am an individual with a firm head. I do like to do things that make me feel good and I conduct my own research before deciding exactly how harmful or useful anything is for me.

This quest led me to the accidental discovery of how beneficial regular (but limited) smoking could be for me. And so, I thought, why not go ahead and share it with you, so that the next time someone tells you that it can kill you, you can show them how it does save you too.

Reduces obesity

Obesity is no longer a minor problem. Today obesity has taken the shape of a national threat. Statistics confirm that 6 out of every 10 people in the world are obese. This increases a lot of health issues per person, starting from heart risks to even cancer.

Mostly obesity stems from a deep-rooted lust for food. This is where a smoke can help out. It has been found that cigarette smoking can reduce the appetite massively. This automatically helps people stop additional intake and reduce the chances of obesity.

Reduces chances of death after a heart attack

Believe it or not, studies indicate that if the person has already suffered a heart attack, his risk of dying is much higher if he is a non-smoker. Smoking gives the heart some sort of resistance which ensures that the person does not die.

Stimulates the mind

Cigarette contains nicotine which is responsible for stimulating the mind to a large extent. People have found that taking a single smoke helps them focus much better and stay alert for a longer duration. For high-stress jobs, a cigarette is the best way to help your brain stay calm and yet alert and aware of everything that is going on.

Whatever said and done

Regardless of how many advantages or disadvantages we list of smoking, one fact that remains is that the kind of relaxation and high a smoke can give you cannot be duplicated by any other substance in the world.

Smoking has a unique kind of joy, a lightness that helps you separate anxiety from problems thereby allowing people to focus on the solution. Smokers seldom suffer from hypertension because it acts as a vent which releases all the negativity.

Thank god I am a smoker. Otherwise, I would have never known how good it feels!

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