What Do You Need To Know About Albucid 30% Eye Drops?

albucid eye drops

Albucid 30% Eye Drop is an antibiotic that can treat eye infections caused by bacteria. It helps fight the infection by stopping bacteria from growing. This eye drop effectively works to treat bacterial infections.

Use the eye drops as your doctor tells you. Apply it regularly at a fixed time, as your, health adviser has told you to do. Don’t miss any doses, and even if you feel better, finish the full course of treatment. If you stop taking the medicine too soon, the infection could come back or get worse.

It works well to kill many kinds of bacteria. But the eye drops will not be useful in viral infections, therefore use only for bacterial infections. Very long-term use of any antibiotic can lessen its effectiveness.

Some of the most common side effects of this medicine are temporary eye irritation and stinging after it is given. Discuss with your health adviser if you keep having these adverse effects or if these symptoms become a cause of concern. Call your doctor for assistance right away if you notice a rash, you’re on the skin or it starts to itch, your face and mouth swell up, or you have trouble breathing. If you have a bacterial eye infection or are taking this medicine, you shouldn’t wear contact lenses.

How to treat infections caused by bacteria

The eye drops work well to relieve eye pain, swelling, and a greenish tint. It also makes your eyes moist and keeps the wax on them. This helps relieve the burning feeling and the pain that comes from having blank eyes. If you wear soft contact lenses, you should take them out before putting Albucid Eye Drops 10ml in your eyes. Use this solution in an exact way and for the exact amount of time that your doctor tells you to.

How to use it/Dosage:

  • Clean your hands perfectly and then apply it into your eyes.
  • Remove the lenses in case you use them, and put them back after 10-15 minutes of application.  
  • Do not put the nasal open as it may get contaminated. 

How store this eye drops:

  • Keep somewhere cool, dry, and dark.
  • Keep from getting too much sun.

Information about safety:

  • Use it only if the expert suggests you.
  • Carefully read the label before you use it and use it accordingly.
  • Keep out of reach and out of sight of kids.

Side- effects

  • Eye discomfort
  • Dry eye
  • Burning sensation in the eye


Q: How do I use Albucid Eye Drops?

Before you use Albucid 10 percent Eye Drops 10ml, you should wash your hands to avoid getting sick, and you shouldn’t touch the tip of the dropper. If you wear contacts, you should throw them away before using this eye drop solution. To apply the solution to your eyes tilt your head back, look above, and then make a gap by pulling down the lower eyelid to make a bag. Now put the drops into the bag.

Q: Can using Albucid Drops make your vision blurry?

Eye Drops can make it hard to see and think clearly for a short time. After using eye drops, don’t ride or run anything for a while.

Q: What can I do if I use more Albucid 10 percent Eye Drops 10ml than I should have?

If you use too much of these Eye Drops you should wash your eyes with a lot of water. Tell your doctor right away if the inflammation doesn’t go away.