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Newborn Babies

I am going to talk about which cloth diaper systems for newborns are more practical and economical when diaper changes in the first months are constant. Newborn babies make little amount of pee but very often and as they grow they are doing more pee but the frequency lengthens; this implies that much more diapers are needed but do not need to absorb much. The daily amount needed for cloth diapers for newborns is between 10-12, so if you wash cloth diapers every day you will need between 20-24 reusable diapers and add 10-12 more cloth diapers for every day without washing. After three months, cloth diaper changes are reduced to 6-7 a day.

So you will think … what a barbarity of investment and quantity of cloth diapers in newborns!

Yes, but investing in cloth diapers for a newborn is not necessary if you follow my recommendations. For the first three months of the baby, they usually make bowel movements in each shot and urinate little but many times, the most advisable system to invest in cloth diapers in newborns are gauze diapers, a pre-folded diaper and blankets. Investment if you wash every day:

  • 2 pack of 12 cotton gauze diapers : 2 x 19.99 = 39.98 euros
  • 2  insist or bingo :  5.98 euros
  • 3  Bambini unitalla covers : 27.49 x 2 = 54.98 euros

As the baby grows the gauze diapers will no longer serve your baby, but the gauze folded in the form of absorbent can be used to complete the absorption of other cloth diapers. And when your little one grows you can use them as a rag to clean.

Gauze diapers! Go back to the diapers of peaks before!

Yes, it is the only cloth diaper that looks like the diapers of yesteryear but with the comfort of the cover (to give impermeability to the cloth diaper) and that today there are washingmachines that facilitate the work of washing by hand and Boil washable diapers to disinfect.

Gauze cloth diapers and pre-folded for newborns are part of the category of flat diapers within the two-piece cloth diaper system. Gauze diapers are a very economical and very fast drying system, which is why it is the best option for the first months of the baby.

Now it is very fashionable to sell gauze diapers for newborns made of bamboo but they are twice as expensive as conventional cotton gauze diapers. Bamboo is an essential material in cloth diapers because of its high absorption capacity, but in gauze cloth diapers for newborns, not so much absorption is needed.

My advice to start with cloth diapers for newborns!

Do not push yourself from the first day to use full night protect diapers for the baby. After giving birth to the mothers, we have a hormonal revolution that you do not know how you are going to be in a state of mind; add the fatigue of not resting well at night, since newborns usually sleep a lot but not many hours in a row; if you bet on breastfeeding the worry that everything goes well… etc., you see it can be overwhelming the first month!. So it is better that you start little by little combining with disposable diapers, between dad and mom you can start using a cloth diaper during the day does not have to be all the changes, and the use of cloth diapers will be increased according to go feeling more comfortable, little by little the use of cloth diapers for your newborn will have entered your routine. There are more biodegradable biodegradable disposable diapers if you want to start alternating the use of cloth diapers with them. And I advise you not to use cloth diapers in newborns for the first few days until they do not throw in all the meconium, as they leave stains that are very difficult to remove.

Do not buy cloth diapers for unitalla newborns , they tend to come very large, they bulge a lot and do not usually fit tightly to the thighs when there are escapes in that area. The replicable diaper Charlie Banana unitalla (3-16 kilos) with its system of elastics in the thighs and depends on the anatomy of baby usually adapts quite well to newborns, it can be an option to buy some diaper Charlie Banana to go testing some other system Along with the gauze and leaving it ready is like a disposable diaper that for your outings away from home can be a very easy and practical system to use.

Test 2 or 3 materials in contact with your baby’s skin and types of closure. Apart from betting on using cloth gauze diapers or pre-folded diapers without much investment, you can have some cloth diaper system for newborns by size so you can try other materials besides cotton and types of closure (Velcro and snaps) as: All in One ImseVimse (organic cotton and fleece), Refillable Any Hour (fleece lining), Refillable Mobile Hour (fleece), Adjusted Bambini (bamboo), Adjusted ImseVimse (organic cotton). In this way, as your baby grows and needs more absorption than the gauze diapers, you will have tried different materials, snaps or Velcro closures and cloth diaper systems, then that is when you can start to decide and buy cloth diapers that are adapt better to your baby and your needs.

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