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Olive Garden also offers extensive alcohol selections. The olive garden drink menu there is something for everyone. Red wines can be enjoyed with a dry palate, while white wines can be enjoyed by those who want sweeter drinks.

Olive Garden’s Featured Wines 

Olive garden is an American restaurant chain specializing in Italian-American cuisine. It was founded in 1982 and is today the largest chain of full-service restaurants in the United States. 

The company’s wine menus offer a variety of selections from California, Italy, and other wine-producing regions worldwide.

Red Wines

There are many health benefits to red wine, including reducing the risk of heart disease, improving cognitive function, and protecting against cancer. 

But what about those who don’t drink much? Or perhaps you don’t drink at all. There might be some health benefits to red wine.

White Wines

Many people are shocked to discover that white wine can be used for all purposes. Wine is available at the popular Italian restaurant chain olive garden. Perhaps what’s even more surprising is that this wine is quite good. 

Many wine enthusiasts consider it one of the best white wines available at a mass-market eatery. The reason for this wine’s success is likely its simplicity. The grape blend used to make olive garden’s white wine is uncomplicated, allowing the grapes’ natural flavours to shine through. 

What Is The Best Wine To Drink At Olive Garden? 

At Olive Garden, there are so many delicious wine options to choose from. You might be asking, “What wine is best to pair with this meal?” Well, wonder no more! We have created a list highlighting the best wines to enjoy at Olive Garden. 

Perfect for any palate. Pinot Noir works well with fish dishes. Wines that pair well with pasta can be found in various styles. 

Best Olive Garden Wine Pairings 

Olive Garden has always been a go-to restaurant for many regarding fine Italian dining. The establishment is well-known for its classic dishes like pasta carbonara and shrimp Fra Diavolo and its extensive wine list. 

However, it cannot be easy to know which wine is the best pairing for your meal with so many options to choose from. 

Best Wine For A Chicken Dinner

Wine is a drink that goes with almost any food. There are so many different types of wine it can be difficult to decide which one to drink with your chicken dinner from Olive Garden. However, a few kinds of wine will pair well with this dish. 

White Zinfandel is a good option because it has fruity flavours that complement the sauce’s sweetness on the chicken. Pinot Grigio will be a great choice if your taste buds are more sophisticated.

Best Wine For A Beef Dinner

When it comes to wine, beef dinner pairs best with bold red, heavy meat dishes like beefsteak are usually paired with equally intense wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and Syrah. 

The tannins in these red wines help cleanse the palate between beef bites, while the fruity flavours offset the gamey taste of the meat. If you’re looking for a wine recommendation to go with your Olive Garden meal, go to Olive Garden.

Best Wine For A Fish Dinner

If you’re looking for the perfect wine to pair with your fish dinner at Olive Garden, the DiVine Riesling is a great option. 

This wine is light and refreshing, with citrus and floral notes that will complement the flavours of your seafood dish. It is also slightly sweet, which will add a nice contrast to the salty flavours in your meal.

Best Wine For A Pasta Dinner

In the mood for some Italian cuisine? Why not try out Olive Garden, where you can enjoy a delicious pasta dinner. But what kind of wine should you order with your meal? Here is a guide to help you choose the best wine for a pasta dinner at Olive Garden.

If you are looking for red wine, the Merlot is a good option. It has fruity flavours that pair well with pasta dishes, and its medium body makes it easy to drink. 


This article has looked at the controversy surrounding the alcohol content of Olive Garden’s drinks. It has been shown that the glasses do contain alcohol, but it is below the legal limit for driving. Olive Garden is an excellent choice for happy hour and delicious drinks.