Start your own Escort Business using Uber for Escorts App

uber for escorts

Any corner of the world, may it be from North to South or East to West, people have to do some kind of work to earn money to survive. However, there are few people, who earn but do not work hard; this may be hard to believe but it is true. With the help of advancement in technology, it is now very much possible. You do not work but you manage your business.  No matter what business you are in, there is always a possibility to convert it into an easy process through an app. Your existing business can be converted into a moneymaking app and that is the power of on demand escort app. These apps can be downloaded on Smartphones and the customers can easily avail the service they require.

Let us take an example of one of the fastest growing escorts business.  How the on demand escort app works:

  • The person with a Smartphone can download the app and login with registered user ID and password.
  • After entering the on demand escort app you can opt for the service you want with for example:
    • Escorts for company
    • Outstation Travelling with Escorts
    • Escorts for one night stand
    • Escorts for massage
    • Sex with Escorts
  • While making the selection the user can select exceptions like:
    • Smoking or non-smoking Escorts
    • Complexion of Escorts
    • Straight or Gay
    • Straight or Lesbian
    • Sexual or bisexual
  • Once the selection is done, the user provides the date and time and location where the escort is required.
  • Once the Escort is on the way the user gets the notification.
  • When the services of the escort are used the escort leaves and the user can rate the escort based on the services provided.
  • The payment is transferred automatically from the registered account of the user.

A completely automated system that runs flawlessly, but why would somebody get this kind of escort app developed. The reason to opt for this app is the simplicity in managing the entire process and earning without putting much effort.

How the Earning Take Place

  • The user of the app will get their Credit or Debit card details registered in the system.
  • While opting for an Escort, each service will have fixed hourly rate.
  • Based on time the charges will be calculated by an automated system.
  • Once the service is completed/ delivered the customer’s account will be debited by the amount due for the service.
  • The owner of the app will get the commission on all the escorts booking.
  • A dual commission is received by the client one from the customer and another from the escort

The app provides the platform to people who want to provide services and to the people who want to avail services. The escort business runs smoothly as all the parties involved are rated by each other for the services they get, may it be the service provider or the customer.

If you are in the business or want to start on demand escort app is the right platform to start. Do not wait to get your own app developed and get started in not more than 4 days.

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