Intuitive On-Demand Pharmacy Delivery Ventures for 2020

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With every major service becoming on-demand that is to say quick and suave, life has become reasonably simpler for human beings. The major dilemma we usually come across is falling ill which leads us to purchase medicines from a pharmacy and find store closed.

Thus, to assist patient get quick delivery of medicines the on-demand pharmacy delivery app have entered into the scene.

With these apps you are promised quick delivery of desired medicine. This goes onto save you from this dilemma altogether.

Thanks to the overall popularity of this solution, the global online pharmacy market has reached the billion dollar zenith point.

Statista in its latest report made a prediction the global online pharmacy market would generate revenue close to128 billion dollars by 2023 approximately.

Another report by Zion Market Research claimed the global online pharmacy delivery app to generate revenues close to 111.1 billion dollars by 2025 at CAGR of around 38.26 percent by 2025 approximately.

This in fact goes on to suggest the overall profitable scope of the solution on a whole. 

Here are some distinctive traits of this solution which has increased its popularity among patients. Also, going on to increasing the overall profitability on a whole. 

Properties of On-Demand Pharmacy Delivery App

  1. Online Prescriptions to assist the patient receive medicines in a quick manner. They take a snap from the camera of their device or upload from the gallery and confirm the medicine purchase. Upon doing so they get medicine delivered to them thereby making it an overall quick process altogether. 
  2. Set Reminders. This is to aid the sick get notified. This is in relation to medicines they have to take on daily, hourly or weekly basis
  3. Alternative to Medicine. This is to support those not well get a medicine having better health content. This is in contrast to one originally being taken

All these factors thereafter aid in making the solution all in all a popular one among the healthcare industry. Also it has supported it reach the billion dollar mark. 

Now we will provide you a list of some popular pharmacy delivery on-demand apps you should be looking out for 2020.

These solutions have already made a mark among the healthcare industry. Also, it is worth stating it will gain even more limelight in the years ahead.

On-Demand Pharmacy Delivery Apps to Look Out for 2020 


Netmeds assists those in search of medicines get it delivered from anywhere they are living. The solution is unique because of qualities that include, online prescription, health information related to medicines taken by patient, medicine refill reminder, to name a few.


Popular mostly among those living in US Epocrates specializes in providing information related mostly to patient, drugs, diagnosis and diseases. The solution includes some unique characteristics which include pill identifier, drug calculation and so on and so forth.


Img assists the patients receive a medicine substitute to the one they are searching for. This contains the standout qualities of that medicine. Also the solution has features like treatment plan, side effect, information related to usage and so on and so forth. 


Popular among those living in India, Practo helps the sick get a doctor’s appointment booked for free. Some of its other intuitive attributes include doctor consultation, medicine delivery, and so on and so forth. 

Apart from the solutions mentioned above, other on demand pharmacy delivery app you should be setting your eyes on for the year2020 include Pepid, Ask Apollo, UpToDate, among others. These are already creating a wave in the field of pharmacy delivery and promise to do so in years to come as well.

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