Smoking Weed

Getting high is probably the best feeling that one can ever get. Marijuana. Just one word that can take you places sweet and delicious. Smoking is sometimes looked down upon. Well, not sometimes really. There is some sort of a worldwide discrimination that people have towards smokers. Ever wondered why that is? That is because they are jealous. It’s the classic “have’s” vs. “have-nots” fight. While the haves (smokers) don’t really care about the have-nots (non-smokers), the have-nots are hell-bent on making a ruckus and a ballyhoo about the haves. Well, regardless of what people say or think, here’s why stoners are never losers and they are the best people that you will ever have the chance to meet.


They are Creative

When a smoldering bit of cannabis touches your lips and enters your soul in the form of thick white wisps, our minds are elevated from the mundane drudgery of life and enter the realms of color and creativity. If you are reading this, you know where my mind’s at Y’all!

Creativity can only happen to us if we let our minds loose. When we’re sober, we’re actually the exact opposite of the word itself. Real sobriety lies in clean minds full of creative ideas which manifest in the form of art or revolutionary ideas. Bob Marley, Shakespeare and Jimmy Hendrix are just a few examples of what creative people can achieve.

Clear Minded

Unlike the popular misconception that pot makes your brain soft, it actually gives you a lot of focus. IT helps people concentrate and stick to what they are doing for longer. Dedication, one-mindedness and tremendous one-mindedness can all be achieved with the help of a couple of drags from good quality cannabis. Athletes and actors, stage artists and singers are all known to take a few drag t to calm their nerves and help them focus on the impending performance.

They Stand their Ground

Can anything be more rebellious than smoking weed? Rebellious but for the right things. It’s not like these guys are pirates or something. Stoners know what they are getting into. They know that weed is less injurious to health than cigarettes or alcohol. Smoking pot is their way of standing for what they believe is right. If someone can do that as a personal choice, he will surely be able to do that for bigger and more important things in life. Know a stoner? Marry that person. It’s going to be the best decision of your life.

Amicable and Social

To start it off, potheads aren’t judgmental. At all. They can’t be. This makes them the great company. They are amicable and meet people with open hearts. In fact, it’s just so easy to befriend a stoner. All you need to do is roll one kushy and light it up with them. That’s all they need. Once you share a smoke with them, they are your most trusted confidant. They will never break your trust. And they will always stand by you. Even if they don’t know what they are standing against. No threat is too big when it stands in front of their weed friend.

Closer to Religion

When all else fails, people turn to religion. Pot is the quickest way to connect with your god. You will find that more and more people that turn to religion have done so through an experience that they felt happened when they were high. What really happens when one smokes up is that it helps in shutting down the primary brain which blocks everything that the subconscious has. This temporary shutdown helps in releasing the knowledge that is hidden under the surface. The presence of such knowledge can in itself be a supernatural experience. This is probably why stoners often feel much closer to religion.


On the whole, without stoners, the world would just be an unbearable place to live in. Lots of places have started legalizing marijuana to an extent that there are now on demand weed delivery app running which helps people place an order for weed online and then deliver them right at your doorstep. It’s a good time to be alive folks! Smoke it up!

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